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an internet connection is necessary for cloud computing interaction mcq

Google's cloud involves approx ten data-centers in all over the world. 5) Which one of the following was owned by an organization that sells cloud services? Explanation: It provides a logical name to the physical resource when the demand is correct regarding virtualization and provides an indicator of that physical resource. Cloud computing is revolutionary, even though the technology it is built on is evolutionary. 25) By whom is the backend commonly used? One can find that he/she does not require any software or hardware licensees in order to implement his/her services. Explanation: VMware Player is one of the examples of Typ2-Hypervisor not of the Type1-Hypervisor. 5) Which one of the following groups is usually dedicated to supporting technologies that implement enterprise mashups? You will face overage charges when you exceed your limit without sufficient data. INTERNET Multiple Choice Questions. AaaS provides several sources such as the applications, development frameworks, operating systems, virtual machines, control structures, transactions, etc. A place in the ether to keep our data, pics and videos safe and secure. Hence it not true that Amazon has built a worldwide network of data centers to services its search engine. As we know, cloud computing technology is used by both small and large organizations to store the information in cloud and access it from anywhere at anytime using the internet connection. Explanation: Whenever any intranet becomes large enough in size that a diagram is not able to differentiate the individual physical system, so at that stage intranet also becomes known as a cloud. © Copyright 2011-2018 1) Cloud computing architecture is a combination of? Which of the following offers services as a 3rd party provider, delivers services over public internet, are generally available to everyone, and are invoiced based only on what is used? Cloud computing technology is the way to provide everything to clients as services through internet connection. Downtime is often cited as one of the biggest disadvantages of cloud computing. JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Explanation: Cloud computing takes the technology, services, and applications that are similar to those on the Internet and turns them into a self-service utility. Your users used to access their data on local file servers over gigabit-speed connections… ... C You can decide on how many physical servers required for hosting your application. Explanation: In most cases, vendors of PaaS solutions are the developer who provides a complete solution to the customer. Platform as a service provides the runtime environment for the applications. Cloud computing abstracts systems by pooling and sharing resources. B. Explanation: When your data travels over and rests on systems that are no longer under your control, you have increased risk due to others' interception and malfeasance. Your email address will not be published. Explanation: The answer will be the C because it is based on the paradigm of a shared multi-tenant utility. Explanation: Monitoring as a service (or MaaS) provides the option of unloading a large portion of those costs from running as a service as opposed to a complete investment in-home tool. Explanation: In order to emulate the underlying hardware, there are three main modules needed to coordinate, which are as follows: 8) Which one of the following is used to call the allocator? It describes the protocols and technologies. Cloud computing architecture is divided into the following two parts - Front End; Back End; The below diagram shows the architecture of cloud computing … Explanation: FIDM addresses the protocols and technologies that enable a user for packaging the security credentials across the security domains. These quiz objective questions are helpful for examinations NIELIT, BCA, B.Sc. 2) Which one of the following statements is not true? Still, it is not the end-user's responsibility to maintain that code and maintain its interaction with the services at all. Explanation: All statements mentioned in the above questions are the advantages of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). Explanation: The term "CAAS" stands for Communication as a service, which enables the clients to utilize resources like the Unified Communications, and Enterprise Level PBX, VPNs, VoIP without the expense of hosting, purchasing, and maintaining the infrastructure. Explanation: The term "SOAP" stands for the Simple Object Access Protocol, and it forms the basis for most Web Service Stacks. In Virtualization, it is necessary to compile the Multitenant properly. The company is part of an industry where strict security and data privacy issues are of the highest importance. In SSO, User sends the ticket to intranet server. ... An Internet connection is necessary for cloud computing interaction. 3) Which one of the following is a kind of open standard protocol? Just like that, our internet connection has become an umbilical to the outside world. True B. Free B. 2016: M. Alsmirat et al. Explanation: The deployment model tells us where the cloud is located. We identify the applications that support the business processes and the technologies required to support enterprise applications and data systems. 6) Which one of the following can be considered as the benefit of PaaS? 6) Through which, the backend and front-end are connected with each other? The use of the word "cloud" makes reference to the two essential concepts. When your data travels over and rests on systems that are no longer under your control, you have increased risk due to others' interception and malfeasance. Explanation: Cloud computing is a computing technique in which applications are accessed by common internet protocols and networking standards. 14) Which one of the following runs on Xen Hypervisor? 12) Which one of the following can be considered as the example of the Type2 Virtual Machine monitors? 7) Which one of the following can be considered as a utility is a dream that dates from the beginning of the computing industry itself? Usually, the SAML (or Security Markup Language) is used to package the user's security credentials. Cloud computing is nothing more than the Internet. Cloud Computing Questions and Answers. The service model defines the purpose of the cloud and the nature of how the cloud is located. 3) Which one of the following refers to the user's part of the Cloud Computing system? It is necessary for the full virtualization that the host OS (Operating System ) offers a Virtual Machine Interface for the guest operating system by which the guest operating system can access the hardware through the host VM. It manages single accesses to other systems. 13) Which one of the following is a type of software that supports the virtual machine? With cloud computing revolutionizing the way that we socialize and work, ISO standards are providing much needed answers. True or False? We now depend on it to do our jobs, to go to school, and to see other people. 10) _______ model attempts to categorize a cloud network based on four-dimensional factors. Platform as a Service C. Software as a Service D. Infrastructure as a Service ANS:A 7. 3) Which one of the following is a type of PaaS that usually allows customizing the existing SaaS platform? Start studying Cloud computing. 8) Which one of the following can be considered as the most complete cloud computing service model? Cloud computing is the use of data center servers and software networks to dynamically allocate resources and run applications for remote end users. Explanation: Grid computing breaks down complex tasks into smaller pieces, which are distributed to the CPU residing within the grid. What facet of cloud computing helps to guard against downtime and determines costs? 14) Which one of the following is a false statement? Explanation: Quality of service refers to the non-functional requirements such as reliability, security, disaster recovery, etc. 6) Which one of the following statement is true about the Service-Oriented Architecture? Explanation: Public, private, community and hybrid clouds are the deployment models. The vendor is usually responsible for all operational aspects of the services. True B. Explanation: In Cloud Computing, managed IT services and grid computing are based on the concept of Utility Computing. Explanation: NIST stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Explanation: A variety of issues, such as issues with latency, security, and regulatory compliance, all are subject to concern. Portability, interoperability with legacy applications. Explanation: This phase involves selecting a cloud provider based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), that defines the level of service the provider receives. Explanation: Each time when the virtual machine wants to execute an operation or instruction, it will result in allowing in changing the machine's resources associated with the virtual machine. 15) Which one of the following is the type of a service that manages and creates virtual network interfaces? Select one: a. SaaS may be also be described as software deployed on a hosted service. Hence the organization can easily use and also modify their application as they each have their instances running. Downtime. Multiple Choice Questions; Interview Questions and Answers; Placement Papers; Tutorials; An Internet connection is necessary for cloud computing interaction.| Cloud Computing A. 9) In SaaS, the used open-source software are also known as_____. True 8 ... as long as you have an Internet connection. 7) How many types of services are there those are offered by the Cloud Computing to the users? 4) How many types of security threshold values are actually present in the cloud cube model? 16) In which one of the following, the virtual machine simulates hardware, through which it can be independent of the underlying system hardware? 7) Which one of the following is considered a type of cloud computing model involving the three different service models together? 10) Which one of the following statements is not true about SaaS? Q2. 9) Which of the following is one of the backend's built-in components of cloud computing? Flash C. Java D. Visual Basic Ans:C. 2. So, are you ready to play Online Cloud Computing Quiz? Explanation: Amazon web service is one of the most successful cloud-based businesses, which offers infrastructure as a service and lets you rent virtual computers on its own infrastructure. Required fields are marked *, Home About us Contact us Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Disclaimer Write For Us Success Stories, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. 1) Which one of the following a technology works behind the cloud computing platform? Please mail your requirement at 1) Which one of the following is the wrong statement? Explanation: Cloud Computing is a kind of new model for providing resources for applications such as staging applications, platform-independent user access to services. Sanfoundry Global Education & Learning Series – Cloud Computing. 3) What is Business Architecture Development? If you do a significant amount of cloud computing, particularly with Microsoft Online and Google Docs, chances are high you will require an Internet connection with a higher bandwidth allowance. 1. Explanation: Insourced or Outsourced means whether the service is provided by the customer or the service provider. MaaS (or the Monitoring as a Service) is currently still an emerging piece of Cloud Jigsaw. Cloud Computing MCQ is designed for you, give it a try. Since cloud computing systems are internet-based, service outages are always an unfortunate possibility and can occur for any reason. August (157) July (41) June (288) Via an Internet service connection, cloud storage works by enabling users access and to download data on any chosen device, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. A cloud is defined as the combination of the infrastructure of a data-center with the ability to provision hardware and software. Explanation: Cloud Computing Strategy Planning: The establishment of the strategy is based on the above step's analysis result. The subscription tier plays an important role in grid computing. a. IEEE 802.1 b. IEEE 802.2 c. IEEE 802.3 d. IEEE 802.4. Explanation: You have the ability to right-size resources as required. C.) It is required by the infrastructure as a service delivery model so that end user applications can be delivered on the cloud. 7) How many main modules are needed to coordinate in order to emulate the underlying hardware? Explanation: Security is one of the back-end's built-in components of cloud computing. A. If you're planning to have offices in a remote location or where Internet service is not so stable, you may want to rethink your idea of moving to the cloud. B. What is the number one concern about cloud computing? 1) Which one of the following given programs provides the isolation (abstraction) and partitioning? Explanation: Usually, Cloud Computing offers three types of services to the users that are Platform as a service (or PaaS), Application as a service (or AssS), and Software as a service (or SaaS). Explanation: SPI is actually an acronym( or we can say the Short form of any words) for the most standard cloud computing services models, such as the infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. Fortunately, many cloud providers offer assistance with this migration. It provides a virtual machine and storage so that computing platforms can be created. For many of us, the cloud is something like a virtual hard drive. The Distributed Audit Service offers accountability for users accessing a system. Explanation: In order to provide more secure authentication, the two-factor authentication is required at least. Explanation: The term "SIMPLE" is a type of open standard protocol. D.) Security concerns. Private clouds may be either on- or off-premises. Cloud Computing Objective type Questions & Answers pdf. 10) How many phases are present in Cloud Computing Planning? Explanation: In grid computing, heterogeneous types of resources are used that are geographically dispersed. 8) The term "Caas" stands for_____ as a service? A. One requirement is that you need to have an internet connection in order to access the cloud. Explanation: The IaaS (or Infrastructure As A Service) service provider maintains all infrastructure, while on the other hand client is responsible for several other deployment aspects. 6) Which one of the following is considered the best-known service model? • CoTs provide means to handle increasing data and other resources of underlying IoTs and WSNs. 17) Which one of the following statements is false? Explanation: The service model contains the specials types of services that users can access on a cloud computing platform. Cloud computing offers a chance for reliable online digital storage of files, often quite helpful for users accessing the internet from mobile phones or internet cafés, and without large storage devices. Explanation: Amazon web service follows the PaaS model. It typically uses the Security Markup Language (SAML) for packaging the user's security credentials. Explanation: The economics of software delivery has been shifted in a significant manner, just like the music downloads has been shifted the delivery of the music. 1) Which of the following is the correct full form of SaaS? It also does not require technical dependencies and licensing on any special SaaS (Software as a service) applications. Everything from application to infrastructure is the responsibility of the vendor. Tags: Cloud Computing MCQCloud Computing Online QuizCloud Computing Online TestCloud Computing Practice TestCloud Computing QuizCloud Computing Quiz QuestionsCloud MCQ Cloud Practice TestCloud Mock TestCloud Quiz, Your email address will not be published. 2) Which one of the following options can be considered as the Cloud? JavaTpoint offers college campus training on Core Java, Advance Java, .Net, Android, Hadoop, PHP, Web Technology and Python. Explanation: Every computer user is well familiar with SaaS, which is an alternate for the locally installed software. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the Stars. Pieces combine small tasks into complex tasks. Cloud Computing Knowledge Trivia! 5) Which one of the following is a phase of the Deployment process? All the individuals who are currently preparing for some exam or even just want to improve their general knowledge can attempt this online quiz for free to do so. Explanation: The Cloud can be managed by the third party or by that organization. 6) Which one of the following statements can be considered as the true characteristics of software as a Service (SaaS) model? 9) Which one of the following refers to the Distributed Computing, in which several sets of computers distributed on multiple geographical locations and are connected with each other to achieve a common goal? It is possible to exchange data between applications from different vendors without using additional programming. High touch applications are best done on-premises. • Data generated needs to be managed according to its requirements, in order to create more valuable services. Did you enjoy? Explanation: None of the following given dimension corresponds to two different states in the eight possible cloud forms. True B. 9) Which one of the following is Cloud Platform by Amazon? 5) How many kinds of Hypervisor are there? Explanation: Open Mashup Alliances group usually predicts that the use of mashups will increase by a factor of 10 within just some years. Shoot for the Moon. 4) Which one of the following is the wrong statement? Google's App Engine platform is one of the IaaS offerings. Explanation: It is commonly used by the service provider in order to manage all resources required to provide the Cloud Computing Services. 10) _______ feature allows you to optimize your system and capture all possible transactions. Explanation: The Hypervisor runs directly on the underlying host system, and sometimes it is also known as "Native Hypervisor" or "Bare metal hypervisor.". 7. 3) Which of the following is a type of XML request or response language commonly used to integrate and interrupt services that handle requests? For Example: MailChimp, Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc. 4) In the virtual appliance, the content can be _____. 6) Which one of the following is not an example of the Type1-Hypervisor? Public Cloud may be managed by the constituent organization(s) or by a third party. Explanation: Data-centers can help lower land costs and reduce occupations. Which type of cloud would be a good choice? 5) How many kinds of virtual private server instances are there partitioned in the IaaS stack? Load balancing virtualizes systems and resources by mapping a logical address to a physical address, Multiple instances of various Google applications are running on different hosts. Cloud is an all-pervasive technology that has changed our society and businesses in more ways than we can imagine. Complete control of the computing resources through administrative access to VMs. Explanation: When the service requires the client to use a complete hardware/software/application stack, it is used the most refined and restrictive service model. Hardware as a Service b. Explanation: Utility computing is based on the pay-what-you use model. Before taking this Cloud Computing MCQ’s, revise your Cloud Computing Concept. This Cloud Computing Quiz helps you to build up your confidence and provide you sample questions for Cloud computing interview. Soft computing addresses a real paradigm in the way in which the system is deployed. Public Cloud Connecting to a public cloud means using an internet connection to access computing resources hosted on data centers managed by a third-party cloud service provider, rather than owning and maintaining these resources on-premise. Explanation: Google has built mega data centers for its search engine. Explanation: From the following given options, we can consider the Web-browser as the perfect example of the Front-end. Explanation: The Dispatcher acts as the monitor's entry point and reruns the instructions (statements) of the virtual machine instance to one of the other two modules. Explanation: The main problem with the "Platform as a service" (or PaaS) is that it normally tie the developer and the customer in such a solution, in which both the developer and customers have to depend on the platform vendor. Service-Oriented Architecture allows using the application as a service for other applications. 9) Which one of the following is related to the services provided by Cloud? In Virtualization, we analyze the strategy related problems that customers may face. And in many cases, the same application that you run locally can be run in the cloud, so no conversion is necessary. 9) Which one of the following is a type of infrastructure as a service? Explanation: The Higgins open source identity framework is typically used to create a vendor-neutral cloud-based authentication service. a. Explanation: Internal (I) / External (E) determines the organization's boundaries so that the correct option will be A. Explanation: VMware vNetwork is a kind of service that manages and creates virtual network interfaces. The best part of this Cloud Computing Test is, provide your score at the end when you submit all the question. service-oriented architecture and grid computing; Utility computing and event-driven architecture. One can eliminate his investment in hardware upfront using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and boost the development and deployment application process. Options are: A.) Explanation: SPML is a type an XML request/response language, which usually used to integrate and interoperate service provisioning requests. Explanation: Add-on development facilities are a type of Paas that allows us to customize the existing SaaS platform. It consists of the following two steps: Selecting a cloud computing provider, maintenance and technical service. 10) Which one of the following statements is not true? The platform as a service is a completely integrated development environment. Cloud Computing MCQ. Explanation: Amazon EC2 stands for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud that offers the scalable computing capacity in the AWS (or Amazon Web Services) cloud to its clients. • Integration of IoTs with cloud computing is becoming very important—Cloud of Things. 1) Which one of the following is not a correct statement? Wireless, Hard drives, People or The Internet. False A. Explanation: The most complete cloud computing service model must contain the computing hardware and software, as well as the solution itself. SaaS is the cloud-based equivalent of shrink-wrapped software. MCQ Questions on Data Communication and Networking with Answers or Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on Data Communication and Networking from chapter Internet. There should be 14 sheets. It provides the entire infrastructure along with a completed application that is accessible using a web based front end. All rights reserved. SaaS applications are offered in all shapes and sizes. 6) This phase involves selecting a cloud provider based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), which defines the level of service the provider receives. Explanation: Parallels Desktop or VMware Player is one of the examples of the Type2-Hypervisor. Blog archive. Therefore, it is possible to exchange data between different vendors' applications without changes in additional programming or services. Developed by JavaTpoint. 3) Which of the following benefits is related to creating stored resources together in a system that supports multi-tenant use? Keeping you updated with latest technology trends, Join DataFlair on Telegram. Cloud computing eliminates the costs and complexity of buying, configuring, and managing the hardware and software needed to build and deploy applications; these applications are delivered as a service over the Internet (the cloud). 18) In Which Type of VM, full virtualization can be possible? A shared public cloud has many organizations (or tenants) sharing the same infrastructure. Explanation: The Infrastructure as a service (or IaaS) provides a type of isolated environment to each customer individually through the hypervisors. An Internet connection is neccessary for cloud computing interaction A. Explanation: The statement give in the option c is not true at all. Azure enables .NET Framework applications to run over the Internet. A.) Read the most frequently asked 30 top Cloud Computing multiple choice questions and answers PDF for freshers and experienced 1. Explanation: In Cloud Computing Planning, there are usually three phases that are Strategy Phase, Planning Phase, and Deployment Phase. 6) Find out which one can be considered the complete operating environment with applications, management? The information stored in the locations that are also not specified or unknown, administration of the systems are outsourced to others and can be accessed by the user. Cloud Computing Basics Information Quiz Online Mcq’s Test 10) Which one of the following statements is correct about the PaaS? 2) Through which one of the following models, SaaS supports multiple users and offers a shared data model? Explanation: In order to solve the several other problems a new technology is introduced known as the IDaas or Identity as a Service. Hence, these kinds of virtual machines are referred as the process Virtual Machines. Explanation: Sometimes it may be the client-side executable code. Too expensive. Which of these is not a major type of cloud computing usage? 2) In how many parts we can broadly divide the architecture of the Cloud? Explanation: Business Architecture Development: In this phase, we identify the risks that can be caused by a cloud computing application from a business point of view. Explanation: Service models describe the type of service that the service provider is offering. All applications benefit from deployment in the Cloud. Hybrid cloud: B.) Explanation: The term "SaaS" stands for the "Software as a Service," a type of model that allows to offer Software application as a service for the customers. 4) In Virtualization, which architecture provides the virtual isolation between the several tenants? Explanation: The correct answer is the IaaS (the infrastructure As a Service) because it is a kind of cloud computing that uniquely provides resources such as the virtualized computing over the internet. So, are you ready for Cloud Computing MCQ? 1) Which of the following can be referred to the location and management of the cloud's infrastructure? Which network architecture is developed by IBM? Keeping you updated with latest technology trends. service-oriented architecture and grid computing. 10) Which one of the following statement is true about Grid Computing? All users with a little knowledge or know how to operate a computer also know about the SaaS. • Make sure your exam is not missing any sheets. Cloud Computing has two distinct sets of models. 2) _________ model consists of the particular types of services that you can access on a cloud computing platform. 15-719: Advanced Cloud Computing Midterm Exam Answers March 8th, 2017 Total Time: 80 minutes Instructions: • Write your Andrew id on the top of every page in case they get separated. Explanation: This eliminates waste and has the added benefit of shifting risk from the client. Cloud storage users can also edit documents simultaneously with other users as well, making it easier to work away from the office. 8) The and windows Azure are examples of which of the following? 9) IaaS usually shares issues with the ______. 9) Which one of the following is not the correct statement? In this, the user sends the ticket/token to intranet server. MCA, M.Sc(IT), BE, B.Tech, CCNA, MCSE Cloud computing present new opportunities to users and developers. Explanation: In general, a huge part of the SaaS Software's is based on the open-sourced software. Hadoop can be considered as a cloud. 4) In order to provide more secure authentication, which of the following is required at least? Explanation: Microsoft's Windows Azure Platform is best described as currently using the SaaS model. 5) Which one of the following statements is wrong? 10) Which one of the following is a type of the Cloud that is organized in such a way to serve the common purpose or the functions? Efficient and flexible renting of computer hardware. Usually, the license is subscription-based or usage-based and is billed on a recurring basis. 2) On which one of the following hypervisor runs directly on the underlying host system, it is also known as________? 12) Which of the following is the most refined and restrictive service model? 4) Which of the following is a characteristic of the SaaS applications? Explanation: These standards help to enable different business models that cloud computing vendors can support, most notably Software as a Service (SaaS), Web 2.0 applications, and utility computing. Compare between Cloud and On-premise Computing. Explanation: In the planning phase, we actually analyze the strategy related problems which customers might face. 8) Managed IT services are based on the concept of which one of the following? The Internet "Cloud" in cloud computing represents what? Distributed transaction systems like as Cloud Computing Systems, Internetworks and several others usually increases the obstacles faced by identity management systems. 8) Which one of the following dimensions is related to the organization's boundaries? Explanation: In emulation, the virtual machine simulates hardware, through that it can be independent of the underlying system hardware. Explanation: SaaS offers Application Programming Interface (API) to the users, which allows the users/developers to develop a customized application.

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