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i have a tactical-folder (that i bought for protection after being roughed up at work) and. I answered and addressed EVERY concern on here as to what that truly means for people and why you guys may not yet have updated your laws by state to include those that have. in the United States. The opposite is the same for the Switchblade where in this case the higher Authority has decriminalized the Switchblades but most municipalities still have civil laws on the books that are just as enforceable and can lead to your arrest, fine, and confiscation regardless of the fact that the State Law has made them legal under specific circumstances. I just heard a rumor that TSA is allowing SMALL pocket knifes in your CARRY ON. The danger to the public is when a citizen injures another with a knife, or brandishes it in threat while committing a crime, such as robbery or rape, or brandishes it in disregardfor the safety of others. For example, if you live in Denver, Colorado, you must abide by the knife laws of Colorado as well as the knife laws of Denver. If you travel to Olympia, Washington you must follow Olympia’s knife laws and during your 3 hour drive, you must also follow the knife laws of all the municipalities between Seattle and Olympia. Therefore, when you travel from town to town, you would not have to worry about municipal knife laws. Arkansas: It is one of the most knife-friendliest states across the US. It is for this reason that the Bowie knife has been outlawed in so many states. For instance, it is illegal to carry switchblades, balisongs, and butterfly knives, which are common in the United States. I feel like I will likely be wasting my time attempting to post this question in the comments section as you no longer have a Contact Us section, Well, let me rephrase, you do, but there is no contact links or info on how to contact you, the contact us page is completely blank. I’m not saying it will be easy or pain free, but stand up and show some of the old blood that bought our freedom. However, local and municipal governments still hold rights to regulating laws bordering around knife length. Since only a small number of states have rescinded the law on Switchblades (in this case we are talking about Missouri specifically, always assume that from a state level, ALL Switchblades, Stilettos, Daggers, Gravity Knives, Sharpened Swords, Automatic and Push Button Knives, or any knife considered to have no functional use other than to be a dangerous concealed weapon. I camp a lot and I travel state to state sometimes with all my gear to go camp in state parks. & 46-79., P.S. For example, while I cannot openly carry a dagger, the statutes would also prohibit my transporting a dagger in a locked briefcase, as I might on the way to a show, or in a wrapped package, as I might if taking it to UPS to send to someone else. Thank you sincerely, Bryan Shepherd. Again however, these restrictions can be both State and local jurisdiction and the two may not agree. Cheers, lets see if this gets published or dropped. Below is a map of the US, click on the state you are interested in to read about it’s knife laws. The carrying of knives in public is forbidden or restricted by law in many countries. RCW 9.41.290 makes no mention at all of knives or other dangerous weapons aside from firearms: RCW 9.41.290 State preemption. If you guys by some miracle allow this comment to be posted, I hope that you will be kind enough to reply to me and explain why you did not approve any of my answers. I found one area where I was potentially illegal and didn’t even know it. Same can be said for guns, it is not the object itself which should be restricted, but the actions of the knife/gun holder. I'm really happy I found KnifeUp. Go on YouTube and look up if stiletto switchblades are legal in Texas then you will find news reports saying that they are, according to this website they say they are illegal to carry is this up to date? If little Jimmy happens to have a knife larger it does not mean that he cant not possess one. Thanks, What about a hunting knife that 10 inch with blade and handle together. Let’s face it. For example, robber is a bad crime but robbery with a knife laws is viewed as an even worse crime and should be punished more than simple robbery. This is a real problem, in fact, thousands of law abiding citizens in New York City are arrested every year for possessing a knife they bought over the counter from sporting goods and hardware stores in New York City. They also helped me save $30! I thought I was helping you guys out by replying to each person and explaining the law, what the change means to them, and what it means in general as well as the expectations that can arrive at from these law changes. It was changed a couple of years ago to no longer include automatic knives, aka “switchblades” , as well as balisongs (aka “butterfly knives”) under the definition of an illegal knife. There are federal, state, and local laws regulating knives. What this means is, it doesn’t matter if the knife you are carrying is very clearly used as a tool in a job or hobby, the difference between 3 inches and 3.1 inches, or the type of knife, could be thousands of dollars in court and lawyer fees, jail time, and a criminal record. Again, officer discretion to measurement can come into play. These include: cane knives (and shobi-zues), lipstick knives, belt knives, pen knives, air gauge knives, and pen knives”. I’ve got a question. What I came here to find out, however, does not seem to be covered. Preemption prevents enforcement of existing local knife ordinances and prohibits new ordinances more restrictive than state laws, which only serve to confuse or entrap law-abiding citizens traveling within or through the state. c arrying a knife is a legal given practice (right) – as it most certainly should be, in most States we shouldn’t run into any problems. There are over 19,000 municipalities in the United States. MYTH: Switchblades / OTF Knives and Balisongs (butterfly knives) are illegal everywhere without exception Not true. 34 States with no restrictions on possession or everyday/open carry. Original replied too already!! Blade Length and Full Length = Blade plus handle. What I am trying to say simply is that the majority of the state likely still has some form of restrictional / civil laws on these knives so removing the State Law and Felony status technically has little baring on the legality of the knife in any none state owned land, and therefore it may be an accurate statement to say that the state of Texas has legalized the Switchblades but that only helps you on state property while 95% of local governments still have them illegal at a civic level. It may have special rules at that point for your age and how you are transporting the knife. I found a great knife that did exactly what I wanted to do thanks to them. Yes, because not all people can read and not all people can read the language in which those words are printed. I own a company that sells a lot of knives through out the world and believe me since this is my company, I wanted to make sure I knew all of my risks and the laws before I took on the responsibility of selling knives, and for me the bottom line is that the buyer is responsible for understanding ALL Federal, State, and local jurisdictional laws regarding the knife they choose to buy. Second off, leave it to the Southern states to be the first to grow a goddamned set when deciding weapon laws. You can liken this debate to the states who have legalized marijuana. It seems that today you could get arrested for just about anything but yet the people who are committing real crimes get away with it and people who are trying to defend themselves get the shaft. This does NOT change the local laws which govern civil law in which the majority of jurisdictions still have local laws against these knives. In 2006, the legislature repealed the only law prohibiting ownership of any type of knife. Please see previous question / answer. Well in this case, that rescinding of the State law has not helped you one bit. this is not right Missouri you can have a swich blade what thy have is the old law I spent a week talking to tsa fbi Missouri attorney general sheriff prosecuting attorney lets just say alphabet soup!!!! It’s illegal unless the guy or gal with the badge say so…. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the issue of possession of a weapon (knife, gun or anything that may be construed as a weapon (pepper spray, stun gun, spiked baseball bat) either in your home, on your person, in a vehicle, or other (e.g. I’m not advocating disrespect, or causing a ruckus just to be a d.b., but if an activity you enjoy is being interfered with just because the powers that be don’t think you should, then by all means rock the boat, cause a ruckus, and declare to all “show me a law”. Please feel free to contact me directly at, and I will be happy to answer you personally and provide you with the answers to your questions that you never received answers too. Please update the Illinois switchblade laws. According to California Law, “Misleading knives are illegal. Many, if not most, state laws deal with carrying knives in some form or another. of Commerce; I am a Kentucky resident and have a 3.25″ lock-blade. Rather, possession of any gravity knife, switchblade knife, dagger, dirk, stiletto, or ballistic knife, without any explainable lawful purpose, is prohibited. All states have knife laws (click on the map above to find the knife law for a particular state) but some knife laws by state are more up-to-date than others and local municipals often pass their own knife laws as well. Other states forbid the carry, concealed and open, of certain knives. Please consider adding a way for visitors to select the characteristics of a knife and how they intend to carry it. If you have concerns, you can check locally for any laws or restrictions on knives. It’s my palm size and has a sheath, but I also am not aware of the type of knife it is. I don’t know. it’s a case xx fixed blade , $even inches long. For example, someone might select fixed, 4″ blade, open carry. am I over thinking this or could these laws ruin a camping trip? HB2033 also repeals the ban on the possession of switchblades, dirks, daggers and stilettos.”, I think you need to update Kansas as the laws have changed since earlier this year Thanks a lot for your effort and thanks in advance, keep the hard work on, you are trully doing an amazing job. If you share this post, it wouldn’t just bless my day, it will bless my year! So to be safe assume illegal unless you know for a fact they have repealed the law and that the local jurisdiction for where you choose to carry your knife through and at it’s final destination have repealed their laws as well. So the knife you describe is defined as an illegal knife, on two separate accounts… as the blade type, and the other because of blade length. While the person may not longer face felony charges, (unless they are a convicted felon already, possess the knife for unlawful purposes, have certain mental illnesses in which you can become a danger to yourself or others) and can freely carry and use on State Land for lawful purposes, they may still be charged with a civil violation and matching fines or jail time at the majority of local jurisdictions. In a state known for legally letting its citizens stand their grown, Florida's comfy knife laws should come as no surprise. Is an assisted opener such as a Kershaw Blur considered a switch blade? I try to keep these guides as up-to-date and accurate as possible but, for the law changes a lot, please leave a comment if you see something wrong. In recent years, the state has made great strides in overturning legislation many found to be archaic. And that's reflected in our bizarre hodgepodge of unclearly written knife laws. A law which merely lists the kind of knives that may be owned or carried does nothing but restrict the freedom of the lawful. , You have a paragraph concerning knife laws in Mass saying that if you have a Class A LTC license you can carry a switch blade and most other Knives in Section J of Mass Laws I called the Law Library and they cannot find that without more info Could you tell me where you found that info sight laws are so vague it can be on individual opinion which is not good. Federal knife law only applies those traveling from one to state to another, entering federal property (e.g. so are you saying that it is legal to own and carry a switch blade in Utah? The former statute, 22-14-19, made it illegal for a person to own, possess or sell a ballistic knife. I recently came across your site and noticed that the state of Kansas’ section has not been updated to reflect the new laws that took effect in summer of 2013. And, during your journey, you must conform to the knife laws of all the municipals in between Boulder and Denver. In the code 4-105, the laws for switchblades and shooting knives or … Everyone is telling you how outdated and incorrect the information is. Laws are made by the legislative branch, and although tricky to read, are made publically available online. However, if you travel to Boulder, Colorado (30 minutes away) you must conform to Boulder’s knife laws as well. People are not completely-up-to-date all the time on the latest *signed* legislation even when they are supposed to be the authority on some matter. Can one argue in court that it’s not misleading when it states in plain english there is a knife inside?? Does this make the knife Legal to buy/sell/posses? The new law, signed on July 14, 2012 and effective immediately, doesn’t word it as clearly, but here’s the main part of the bill concerning knives: 1. If it gets dropped, I will never come to this site for reference again, and I will remove the link to it on my companies educational pages, as well, I will stop instructing my customer to come here for their law answers. Knife laws can be divided into these two categories: ownership laws and carry laws. Most knives that are barred from carry are ones deemed by society to have no utility uses and, therefore, their only use is as weapons. The federal knife law only applies to individuals who are traveling internationally as well as between states. Did I break some underlying rules by providing my companies Facebook page? I’m looking to buy knives over sea and sell them online. Not one reply was approved? So, if you stick to a small pocket knife with a 2-3 inch blade and you have a permit, then you’re fine. Restrictions on carry: Any knife may be carried openly or concealed. "US Knife Laws By States" (each state is Significantly Different) Alabama: I’m about to open an online sporting goods store, and I’m sure its illegal to sell knives via my online store to anyone under the age of 18, but I just wanted to make sure before I go and add the annoying age verification to my site when I open it. All other governing powers are, therefore, state powers. Thank you! You have to know the blade size of the knives first as this is an important factor here for the knife-users. If I know that they live in a area in which a certain knife is illegal, I refuse to sell that knife but since I can not possibly know every local jurisdiction laws, I base the laws on the state level, the buyer is then responsible for the laws where they will possess and use it, and if they get in trouble there isn’t anything anyone can do about that. Can I carry my hunting knife? Fewer politicians, more statesmen. Our forefathers believed that freedom was inherent to being human. When something threatens my rights, KnifeUp is the first to inform me. Is my USMC knife okay? Some states have laws that forbid one from aggravated display of a knife as well as committing a crime with a knife. Knives! I’ll be waiting for you’re reply. If you find the State Knife Laws useful please consider an AKTI membership or making a contribution to AKTI. People are ill-informed all the time. My question is not whether, or what I can carrry, but where I can carry it. You need to update your Texas article. I work at a VA facility and according 38 CFR § 1.218 – Security and law enforcement at VA facilities (b)(39), knives should not exceed a blade length of 3 inches – I’m guessing this is pretty typical across other federal locations. Where can you safely carry a knife without fear of prosecution and where would you be prosecuted if you carry one. In other words laws should focus on what actions cause harm (stabbing, slashing, brandishing, negligence or reckless behaviors,) NOT on the mere owning or carrying of a knife. however because he is a minor, when he is traveling in a vehicle or bicycle, his knife MUST remain in it’s Sheath and LOCKED in a toolbox or tackle box (lock and key locked) and he must not have the knife concealed anywhere on his person. Restrictions on Carry It basically says that you can carry a concealed knife if you have a permit, but the definition of a knife is really limited to a PLASTIC knife, blunt table knife or pocket knife. And your unhappy that someone decided to help out their fellow knife enthusiast and provide them with the cold hard facts of the laws that changed? If anyone has helpful information regarding this, I would greatly appreciate it. They include the following. What are the laws for MO and KS? The ban on switchblades and automatics has been repealed in Missouri, but it doesn’t necessarily give you free range to carry a switchblade wherever you go in the state. Until presented and passed by a legislature, it is your right to do as you damn well please. Es bueno esta pagina, los cuchillos son excelente y el servicio tambien creo, la pagina esta muy buena cuchillos fantasticos del CSGO nunca vi una pagina asi. Are not knives covered under the 2nd amendment also? Under federalism, governing powers are divided between the federal government as well as the state governments. I need clarification of Mississippi ‘s knife law. This is simply – COOL! In recent months, legislation on the right to carry a knife has been introduced in different states. Pocket Knife Laws Illinois I am not sure if you know where I can find this information or even if you have this information or any information that could help me out; but, if you could lend me a hand here I would trully appreciate it since I am getting mad trying to find any economical information about the cutlery sector of the US.

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