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The following figure shows the two target load order groups in a single mapping. 26. 10. NewLookupRow. Informatica based integration and data warehouse concepts. Here we are checking if CUST_DIM_KEY is not null then if SRC_CUST_ID is equal to the TGT_CUST_ID. Click the Up and Down buttons to move the source qualifier within the load order. Create a reusable sequence generator having start value 1 and connect the next value to both rank transformations. Connect two groups to corresponding target tables. Informatica Cloud (IICS) Scenario based Interview Questions. How do you update the records with or without using Update Strategy? Spread the love. Some of the most important Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions that are frequently asked in an interview are as follows: Answer: You can set the target load order or plan in the mapping designer. 17. 619102 Nupura Pattihal 35000 Nagpur 411014 O_FLAG= IIF ( (ISNULL(cust_id) OR ISNULL(cust_name) OR ISNULL(cust_amount) OR ISNULL(cust _place) OR ISNULL(cust_zip)), ‘NULL’,’NNULL’), O_FLAG= IIF ( (ISNULL(cust_name) AND ISNULL(cust_no) AND ISNULL(cust_amount) AND ISNULL(cust _place) AND ISNULL(cust_zip)), ‘NULL’,’NNULL’), Group 1 connected to TGT_NULL ( Expression O_FLAG=’NULL’), Group 2 connected to TGT_NOT_NULL ( Expression O_FLAG=’NNULL’). 6. Add one union transformation and configure it as follows.Group Tab. However, there is a trick. Professionals can implement these on their laptops and understand the logic written which will help them to grow technically and also enhance broader vision when a problem statement comes in front of them. I am posting Informatica complex scenarios questions in this post and I will post Informatica scenarios answers in my next post. Happy reading. 25. Aanchal 1 5 First set Treat Source Rows As property as shown in below image. Got a question for us? 2. Databases (9) Datawarehousing (3) How to (3) IDQ (3) IDQ Interview Questions (2) Informatica (21) Informatica Advance Concepts (13) Informatica Best Practices (2) Informatica … These options will make the session as Update and Insert records without using Update Strategy in Target Table. The centralized table in the star schema is called the Fact table. Informatica Scenario Based Interview Problems with Answers - Part 1. IIF($$Runnumber=1, then some logic and IIF($$Runnumber=2 then some logic. Login to the PowerCenter designer and create a mapping that contains multiple target load order groups. These section of question and answers will assist you to solve your Informatica MDM Job Interview. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Consequently, during your interview, you may be asked one or more situational questions, which will help your interviewer predict your future performance at work. After execution of the above mapping, below is the target, that is populated. ... How to Delete duplicate row using Informatica? Here, we will see several Informatica interview questions and answers which will help both freshers and experienced who wish to grab great opportunities with INFORMATICA to build their knowledge as well as enable them to clear the interviews. Explain the different dimensions. I am posting Informatica complex scenarios questions in this post and I will post Informatica scenarios answers in my next post. About 57% of hiring managers list that as a must. In lookup we can provide different types of operators like – “>,<,>=,<=,!=” but, in joiner only “= “ (equal to )operator is available. Joiner-1 will join, Employees and Departments and Joiner-2 will join, the output from the Joiner-1 and Locations table. When we add a reusable transformation to a mapping, we actually add an instance of the transformation. Chapter-2: Introducing a dummy field. Target Table 1: Table containing all the unique rows, Target Table 2: Table containing all the duplicate rows. Instead of providing some scenario based Interview questions and solutions to them I would like to take a different approach here. no remainder, then send them to one target else, send them to the other one. We also have another Informatica Interview questions wherein scenario based questions have been compiled. Data can be provided with a global view to the server via a single source store. Course content. The basic idea here is to use, either Joiner or Union transformation, to move the data from two sources to a single target. Set rank properties as follows. In this Informatica interview questions list, you will come to know the top questions asked in the Informatica job interview. The only difference is after router, bring the new_rec to router and give condition dd_insert send to. Create the Joiner -1 to join Employees and Departments using Department_ID. 2. by ThinkETL November 6, 2020 November 6, 2020. The parallel processing is actually done by using the partitioning sessions. The Source Qualifier can join data originating from the same source database. Connect  a router to the aggregator from the previous step. The Primary key of the fact table is usually the composite key that is made up of the foreign keys of the dimension tables. Explain in detail about SCD TYPE 1 through mapping. We can join two or more tables with primary key-foreign key relationships by linking the sources to one Source Qualifier transformation. When data is unsorted then a source with less number of rows should be considered as a master source. The best interview questions for all informatica aspirants. SQ –> EXP –> RTR –> TGT_NULL/TGT_NOT_NULL EXP – Expression transformation create an output port, O_FLAG= IIF ( (ISNULL(cust_id) OR ISNULL(cust_name) OR ISNULL(cust_amount) OR ISNULL(cust _place) OR ISNULL(cust_zip)), ‘NULL’,’NNULL’) ** Assuming you need to redirect in case  any of value is null, O_FLAG= IIF ( (ISNULL(cust_name) AND ISNULL(cust_no) AND ISNULL(cust_amount) AND ISNULL(cust _place) AND ISNULL(cust_zip)), ‘NULL’,’NNULL’) ** Assuming you need to redirect in case all of  value is null, Group 1 connected to TGT_NULL ( Expression O_FLAG=’NULL’) Group 2 connected to TGT_NOT_NULL ( Expression O_FLAG=’NNULL’). What are the differences between OLTP and OLAP? This is one of those scenarios questions that judge prioritization skills. 22. 8. If we have a requirement to join the mid-stream or the sources are heterogeneous, then we will have to use the Joiner transformation to join the data. Create 3 expression transformations exp_1,exp_2 and exp_3 with 1 port each. To identifying new_rec we should and one new_pm and one vesion_no. In lookup we can override the query but in joiner we cannot. In Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimension, if one new record is added to the existing table with a new information then, both the original and the new record will be presented having new records with its own primary key. The Edureka course on Informatica helps you master ETL and data mining using Informatica PowerCenter Designer. Chapter-2: Introducing a dummy field. If you wish to deep dive into Informatica with use cases, I will recommend you to go through our website and enrol at the earliest. Finally, the transformation expression will be as follows: There has never been a better time to get started on a career in ETL and data mining using Informatica PowerCenter Designer. In original write count_rec=1 and in duplicate write count_rec>1. Let us discuss in detail in what scenarios we have to introduce a … Target load order will be useful when the data of one target depends on the data of another target. Please refer … Unknown. How do you remove Duplicate records in Informatica? 2. row number 1 from input stream 1 might not be row number 1 in the output stream. How to join three sources using joiner? SVR Technologies presents, real-time scenario-based Informatica e-Learning MDM interview questions with answers for experienced and fresher’s New 40 Informatica MDM Interview Questions and Answers. List of articles in category Informatica Scenarios Home; Title; Convert single row from source to three rows in target Split the non-key columns to separate tables with key column in both Separating duplicate and non-duplicate rows to separate tables Retrieving first and last record from a … Connect col1 from Source Qualifier to port in exp_1. The topics you will learn here include the difference between a database and a data warehouse, Informatica Workflow Manager, mapping.. Dimension table is the one that describes business entities of an enterprise, represented as hierarchical, categorical information such as time, departments, locations, products etc. Nupura, Step1: Assign row numbers to each record. Spread the love. But still you can get the number products sold over a period of time. Question4: How can we update a record in target table without using Update strategy? A Mapplet is a reusable object created in the Mapplet Designer which contains a set of transformations and lets us reuse the transformation logic in multiple mappings. O_FLAG= IIF ( (ISNULL(emp_id) OR ISNULL(emp_name) OR ISNULL(salary) OR ISNULL(City) OR ISNULL(Pincode)), ‘NULL’,’NNULL’) Union Transformation is a multiple input group transformation and it has only one output group. Next, set the properties for the target table as shown below. Therefore, it is important you put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager and think carefully about the type of answer they want to hear. A transformation in the pipeline calls the Lookup transformation with a: LKP expression. This would enable them to brush their knowledge about Informatica … Use the Source Qualifier transformation to perform the join. Scenario-Based Questions related to the tool. It is an active transformation. Consider below data as a source Non-additive facts are facts that cannot be summed up for any of the dimensions present in the fact table. Tell me about a time your workload was very heavy. Every interview is different and the scope of a job is different too. Below is the screen shot of the expression transformation. We can apply the same logic for any n. The idea behind this is to add a sequence number to the records and divide the sequence number by n (for this case, it is 5). Hence, sometimes, the number of input rows, may not be equal to number of output rows. Informatica Interview Questions (Scenario-Based): 1. Informatica Interview Questions (lead level) ... Lookup transformation can be configured as as “Active” transformation which can output multiple rows based on the configuration. informatica scenarios based questions In most of the Informatica Interview the panel will come with Scenario based questions which is bit tricky and confusing. This is the one of most frequently asked informatica scenario based interview question. Comments. Router transformation possesses three types of groups - default, input, and output. Informatica Scenarios I have listed the following informatica scenarios which are frequently asked in the informatica interviews. I have 100 records in source table, but I want to load 1, 5,10,15,20…..100 into target table. Let’s assume the data is not sorted. I am pretty confident that after going through both these Informatica Interview Questions blog, you will be fully prepared to take Informatica Interview without any hiccups. The idea behind this is to add a sequence number to the records and then take the Top 1 rank and Bottom 1 Rank from the records. Explain the types of Lookup transformation. Question3: What are the different lookup cache? Priya What is Dimensional Table? Use a filter transformation, only to pass IS_DUP = 0. Situational questions require you to describe how you would respond to a hypothetical situation in the future. This article will help you to crack your next Informatica MDM Job Interview. O_count=Variable_count TIP #3 – The best way to prepare for scenario-based and situational interview questions is to prepare answers to every job interview question listed on this page. You might like this blog too: No need to select any port as Group by Port.Rank – 1. IDQ Interview Questions and Answers - 300+ real time interview questions with scenarios Informatica Data Quality . How do you convert single row from source into three rows into target? O_COUNT=V_COUNT. In router make two groups: one named “original” and another as “duplicate”. These are 50 Informatica ETL Scenario based solution which will help learners to enhance and be more confident on this technology. The picture below depicts the group name and the filter conditions. When two tables from the same source database with primary key – foreign key transformation relationship is there then the sources can be linked to one source qualifier transformation. If we do not want to use Normalizer, then there is one alternate way for this. Happy reading. What are the types of Caches in lookup? Top Informatica Interview Questions and Answers 1. We need to look up the Customer_master table, which holds the Customer information, like Name, Phone etc. Check the sample and general questions about basics of Data Quality, Profiling and Data Quality Managment . But, I want to load into single target table. We can use Normalizer transformation for this. Keeping this in mind we have designed the most common Informatica Scenario based Interview Questions and Answers to help you get success in your interview.

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