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The travel banjos either are the mini size with the 8 inch... recommends a variety of smaller light weight banjos that make traveling with your banjo easier. Open back body, 8" fiberskin head, Maple neck with 16" scale. While reading these you should be able to see many questions you have had as well. The CC Traveler by GoldtoneThis banjo is ideal for children learning of any age and also adults on the go-Ross N A brand new 5-string travel banjo with the standard size pot and shorter neck. Leading the industry in innovation. The Banjo Safari Join me for an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience traveling to Africa for an African Photo Safari. BANJBKCD02 Clawhammer Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus (book & CD) BANJBKCD03 Bluegrass Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus (book & CD) See our website ( or current catalog for up-to-date prices. Where standard banjos use a drum head, we substitute a disk of baltic birch plywood supported by a hoop of compressed paperboard with sides 1/4" thick. Durable and easy to maintain! View Our FREE Beginner Banjo Guide Questions and answers to student questions and emails. Travel Banjo Kit $ 150.00. The Freedom Fretless. Includes Free Gig BagA true backpacker weighing in at only two lbsMay be tuned in C or Dthis banjo is no toy and is very playable. I took it with me on vacation and now it is time to sell. Stain or paint it and make it your own, or just put it together and play it plain! More reviews. The body is the standard Cripple Creek 11" pot with genuine maple rim; the neck is the scaled down 18... Banjo Demo Video Playlist View a complete playlist of demonstration videos performed by Ross Nickerson of Recording King, Gold Tone, Deering, Nechville, Morgan Monroe and Gold Star Banjos. The Banjo CruiseThe Banjo Cruise Workshop is held in a large private conference room that is essentially sound proof and separate from all other passengers. Read reviews about our Banjo Books, DVDs, Banjo CDs, Banjo Lessons Online The Banjo Encyclopedia, Banjo Camps and Workshops Banjos on Sale , Banjo Accessories Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. has been at the forefront of banjo instruction since 2001. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Contact-us. Put it together and be playing in no time at all or make a detailed project out of it. The Plucky gets the same care in assembly and set up as Gold Tone’s other banjos, making it the best-sounding mini travel banjo out there. Nechville Banjovie Banjo 5 string. Site By STELL We also set it up tuned to open G tuning and is an easy banjo to have close by to pick up and practice anytime. Kit includes everything necessary to complete a gourd banjo. This is suggested as the best beginner banjo due to its popular design, playability and tradition. Kathy - Thank you so much! The AC-1 is a little quieter than the average banjo, with a more rounded, less punchy tone. This banjo comes standard with a black walnut fretboard, white dot inlays and open gear tuners. Each kit includes easy-to-follow directions with illustrations. That wouldn't bother me, since - as a folksinger - I grew up playing in the key of C, and I now play my 5-string in D all the time, so I can jump into my \"guitar songs\" when I have my banjo strapped on. Email Ross with a question. Banjo is in overall great condition and very well cared for. That plus the light weight make this a perfect banjo for beginners or as a travel instrument. The class sizes are small ensuring that each student receives the assistance and encouragement they need. Measures approximate 26" length. According to lore, this traditional five-string instrument was first heard in Virginia around 1810. All maple wood parts are pre-shaped and ready for final sanding and finishing. Disassembles for travel in under a minute Fits in standard 20" carry-on suitcase Six or eight inch head with separate tone ring Face it - a full sized banjo can be a real pain to take along when you travel. Get your wings today! The Mountain Banjo is a true American Folk instrument. We’ve designed the Eagle so that you can create a quality banjo with a minimum of tools. For 20 years, Gold Tone has offered musicians the best Folk, Folkternative, and Bluegrass instruments at the best prices. But don’t let cute looks fool you into thinking this is a toy! Vangoa 6 String Banjo Guitar Mini, 26 Inch Sapele Travel Banjo Guitar for Beginners with Bag, Pick-up, Strap, Picks 3.9 out of 5 stars 50 $109.99 $ 109 . Available as left-handed model. This is NOT a novelty banjo; it's the real deal and adult players can use it as the ultimate travel banjo! The 5-string banjo is the original. This is my first Nechville--what an excellent instrument! This banjo fits into most backpacks or suitcases and can be easily broken down into its main components so you can bring it along anywhere. Banjo Reviews for Goldtone Banjos, Recording King Banjos, Morgan Monroe, Electric banjos, six string banjos, bluegrass banjos, clawhammer banjos, travel banjos banjo ukes, 4-string banjos and the many banjos we service and carry. to meet with Barry. I found out that D'addari ... Gold Tone CC Mini - Banjo Size for Kids or Easy Carry Travel Adult Practice Banjo The Gold Tone CC Mini Banjo is the perfect banjo for kids to learn play banjo on and in my opinion the best small banjo for children or adults traveling.It is a banjo that is easy to travel with, practice, and great for kids and youth banjo students to learn on. It's a perfect affordable banjo for adults to play and carry easily or for children to learn on. Take your time to shape the neck, sand the grain and apply a nice finish.. There is a slot on the neck for the spike, which passes through the gourd. It's like a 'standard' banjo with a capo on the 2nd fret (and a shortened or … 99 $119.99 $119.99 For that, you can save money and don’t have to buy all the gear separately. Plucky is a cute name for a tiny banjo. ADM 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Wood Back and Geared 5th Tuner, Banjoe Beginner Kit with Gift Package 1 4.1 out of 5 stars 208 $186.99 $ 186 . The answers should be helpful and the questions you read will remind you that you are not alone out there! The end result is a fully-playable banjo with a personal connection to you that you can enjoy for years to come! A great banjo for an even better price. Based on our MC-150 banjo, it utilizes a vintage proven design which provides excellent tone!! I have downloaded the zip of the ebook and music and am looking it over n ... Hi Ross, Just wanted to let you know I received everything on Wednesday. The Eagle banjo is a great way to get your start in Tthe CC 50 Traveler, TB 250 Travel Banjo Deluxe, CC OTA beginner clawhammer style banjo and the CC OTA Old Time Banjo all have the standard 11 inch sized head and can be tuned to standard 5-string banjo open G tuning. $300 plus shipping ($15). Selections like the Washburn B9 Banjo Sunburst and the Rogue B30 Deluxe 30-Bracket Banjo offer a clean, crisp tone and great playability that will have you sounding straight outta Dixie. Put it together and be playing in no time at all or make a detailed project out of it. The Banjo Teachers Directory is for both students and teachers. I was sure it would be a nice banjo for the simpl ... Hey Ross - I hope you and your family are staying well! Deering Parlour Travel size 5-string 19 fret bluegrass banjos for easy practice, easy to carry and an excellent banjo for children to learn banjo on, that can still can be tuned to standard open G tuning. Banjo players will be able to achieve a Guitar sound with this instrument. Made by Nechville and now rare and discontinued. Savannah and Morgan Monroe. Gold Tone created this mini travel banjo with portability in mind, and it’s incredibly compact. In the last 15 years we have helped thousands of people learn to play the banjo online. Sincerely, Ross Nickerson / 1-866-322-6567, guys are great and i appreciate your rapid response and quick action in taking care of your customers needs. The Wyatt & The Southern. Testimonials, reviews and comments from customers. A detailed assembly video will be posted here by December 1st, 2020. Founded in 1972, Elderly Instruments started as a small store with a handful of instruments. Recommended for children also. ...Thank you Ross for all of your help. Its shorter length can still be tuned to open G tuning for bluegrass.. Ross NickersonFor your convenience -we set... Deering Good Time Junior - Parlor Banjo - Travel Banjo and Banjo for Children to Learn On  The name of this model The Deering Parlor has been changed to The Deering Junior.This model we carry is the original blonde color with chrome hardware. Sure. The difference is those missing two frets. My first reaction was "this is easier to p ... Hi Ross, I received my new Gold Tone Tenor banjo. The EC Minter. went online in 2001 with a brand new Beginner Banjo Book and two books I wrote on Scruggs Style and Building Banjo Speed. to meet with Barry. Everything you need to make your own travel-sized old time banjo. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GOLD TONE CC MINI 5-STRING CRIP… The banjos in this category are not only for adults on the go but excellent for children learning the banjo. With lots of hard work along with the experience and knowledge gained playing and teaching banjo we have the expertise you need. BanjoTeachers submit your name to our Banjo Teacher List. The banjos in this category are not only for adults on the go but excellent for children learning the banjo. All maple wood parts are pre-shaped and ready for final sanding and finishing. Our banjos are made from solid Cherry wood with a fine contrasting hardwood veneer on the fretboard and peghead. There are several playlists below that. The most requested tone ring for the "Old Time" sound. 5-string banjo string set for Travel & "C" scale short-neck banjos - medium-heavy gauge - £4.60 Set of strings for 5-string Travel & "C" scale short-neck banjos. A 'standard' banjo has a scale length of 26-3/16". Banjo Specs; Contact; Hello! I’m Paul Corrigan. 20 Main Street South, Wedowee, AL 36278 10:00am - 5:00pm CST, M-F Please make an appt. Most videos include descriptions too. See the banjos closeup and hear different models so you can compare better. But if you use this for your practice banjo, it might take some a… Includes hard shell case. 20 Main Street South, Wedowee, AL 36278 10:00am - 5:00pm CST, M-F Please make an appt. It's refreshing to deal with a person and company with such great customer service. We want you to keep improving and your appreciation and support means a lot to us. **SOLD**This is a small mountain banjo that is great for travel. Notes from Ross Nickerson on the Traveler Deluxe models from... Gold Tone Plucky Smaller Banjo For Kids and Travel Size for Adults Goldtone Plucky Banjo is an excellent smaller banjo for kids and also makes a great travel size banjo for adults too. Playing By Ear Banjo Workshops with Ross Nickerson, St Pete Beach Banjo Camp - Annual Ross Nickerson Banjo Workshop, Deering Parlour - Travel Banjo - Kids Banjo, GOLD Members Lesson Site -3 Year Subscription, Deering Banjo - Goodtime 1 - Free Official Deering Case and More, Gold Tone CC Tenor 19 fret Tenor Banjo with Resonator, Doc Fossey Guitar for the 5-String Banjo Player, Gold Tone AC-4 - Irish Tenor and Standard 4-String Openback Tenor Lightweight Affordable Banjo, Gold Tone AC-Traveler: Affordable Lightweight Travel Banjo or Child Sized Beginner Banjo, Gold Tone CC 50TR TRAVEL Banjo - 19 Fret - Tuned to G, Deering Goodtime Parlor Banjo - Travel Banjo - Child Sized, Gold Tone BG- Mini - Travel or Child Size Bluegrass Mini, Goodtime Artisan Junior Banjo - Travel and Kid Size Banjo, Banjo Demo Video Playlist, Deering Goodtime Jr. Take your time to shape the neck, sand the grain and apply a nice finish.. The Goldtone Tranjo 5-string Banjo Travel Banjo Specifically made for traveling and it makes a great quieter practice banjo at home too. We offer a basic beginner banjo package, a beginner old time banjo package, and a beginner bluegrass banjo package. The Weyanoke. Home › Mountain Banjo Kit, 5 String fretless 27" scale. 99 Click over to our banjo resources pages and see sample videos, video performances, more articles, hear MP3', banjo tablatures and our banjo teacher list for the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. The Avis Eagle. It has a scale (nut to bridge) length of 23-9/16". It’s an easy kit to build. Great for traveling! The zero glide nut and intonated bridge both help keep the intonation more or less perfect up the neck. recommends a variety of smaller light weight banjos that make traveling with your banjo easier. Gold Tone B1006-TR CC-Traveler Travel Banjo Neck Gold Tone B1003-01 Maple Classic Kit Banjo Neck - Finished Gold Tone B1007-02 OB-250 Banjo Neck - Unfinished Gold Tone B1007-02P OB-250 Banjo Neck - Unfinished Paddle Headstock Gold Tone B1008-01 GT-500 6-String Banjo Neck - Finished This is an annual Florida banjo event and held during the winter months for locals,winter residents and students who want to escape the cold while improving their banjo playing, and having fun doing it. The travel banjos either are the mini size with the 8 inch head or have the standard 11 inch head but with a shorter 19 fret neck that can still be tuned to Open G. The banjos featured here are portable banjos that weigh less, can fit into an overhead compartment on a plane or can be carried on your shoulders anywhere for easier practice. At the top is a short video on our banjo set ups. My travel banjo (like BoJack's) is a Gold Tone CC50tr. The MC Banjo kit is designed for the do-it-yourself craftsman. With a two-way adjustable truss rod, a bone nut, planetary-style tuners and a geared fifth string peg, this is a lot of quality for not a lot of... TB 250 Traveler Deluxe - 19 Fret Deluxe travel Banj from Gold Tone It includes gold plating, White Ladye tone ring, Remo Fiberskyn head, ebony fingerboard, notched tension hoop, hearts and flower inlay, Straight Line tailpiece, curly maple resonator, and is the same scale as our TB-100. But what puts me off is the very short fret spacing - Imagine putting a capo on at the seventh fret of a full-sized banjo and leaving it there all the time. The Academy of Performance Arts with Ross NickersonBanjo camp seminar and group banjo lesson workshop in the USA for bluegrass 5-string banjo in Florida at sunny St Pete Beach. A great sounding travel banjo. The stunning new Artisan Goodtime banjo embodies Greg Deering’s lifelong vision for the Deering... Goldtone CC OTA Travel Size Clawhammer Banjo This Banjo is great for Children learning the play clawhammer banjo styles too, The CC OT A is a shorter neck scale open back banjo that is 19 frets long instead of the 22 frets on a normal length 5-string banjo. The Gold Tone BG Mini-BanjoThe Gold Tone BG mini plays great and is a great youth banjo for children and kids ages 14 and under It's also a fantastic travel banjo that is small enough to fit in a backpack. Featuring a mahogany body, mahogany neck, and Remo head, this mini Backwoods banjo is great for traveling or for smaller players looking to get into a better-fitting instrument. I craft banjos of character & distinction in the old-time tradition. Deering Sierra Maple resonator banjo and Deluxe Deering case $ 2,699.00 Read more; Gold Tone CC-50RP resonator banjo $ 486.75 Add to cart; Tranjo.. an odd name for an awesome Travel Banjo from Gold Tone! International orders, please email us for a shipping quote before purchase, The other items that are included free with this banjo are specified on the banjo's website page at this... Goodtime Jr. Best of all, it is completely full scale and has a great... Buy the TB 250 Traveler Deluxe Banjos at are all Free US shipping and include either a gig bag case or a hardshell case. These extra accessories make this banjo very cost-effective. Based on our MC-150 banjo, it utilizes a vintage proven design which provides excellent tone!! Gold Tone Banjos has the best variety of alternative sized banjos for adults to travel easier with and practice on. It easily assembles into a piece of handmade art that looks as good as it sounds. Performance videos including El Cumbanchero, I'll Fly Away, Cherokee Shuffle, Cluck Old Hen, Little Martha and Ross Nickerson with X-Train. The Minstrel kit banjo will have a scale length of about 26" . Not to mention the blessing the smaller banjo designs that Gold Tone has pioneered that give children the opportunity to learn banjo easier on. An... Gold Tone CC-50TR Traveler - 19 fret - Tuned to G Notes from Ross Nickerson on the CC-50 TR models from Goldtone This banjo is perfect for carrying on airplanes and taking along with you on trips. The CC OT A is an open back old timey clawhammer that banjo works great as a travel banjo, for a... 5-String Old Time 700A Banjo from GoldTone Pro Model A-Scale 5-string banjo with Tubaphone-style tone ring, ebony fingerboard, vintage engraved inlays, and frailing scoop. Could you play that way? Over 40 years later, we’ve grown into one of the world’s most respected sellers of new, used, and vintage fretted instruments.Learn more 1 Wooden Shell 12" in diameter Everything you need to make your own travel-sized old time banjo. We are adding new videos all the time. But, don’t look at it as it is a toy banjo because this instrument has all the features needed by a real banjo and … The kit includes: 1 roughed out a mahogany neck with pre-notched slot for nut, pre-drilled and tapered holes. Made in America. I am to be teaming up with our professional Safari guides Kevin and Tricia Dooley on an adventure that none of us will forget. We'll spend our mornings and late afternoons exploring the wildlife of South Africa, and the mid day will be filled with a banjo workshop that should be fun and rewarding. You've got another heavy item to carry, and you're risking costly damage by clumsy baggage handlers or indifferent airlines. The BG-Mini is tuned to open C (like the fifth fret of a standard banjo). The 5-string banjo comes with a kit including a bag, a tuner, strap, picks, an extra set of strings, and a pickup. Our experienced advice and service comes from someone who really cares about your progress. See my work below, learn more about me & get in touch. Free Banjo Videos and Banjo Lessons from Banjo Master and Teacher, Ross Nickerson. Students please use this free service to find a banjo teacher near you, banjo teachers please help me build the list! We stock he original Blonde color with silver hardware. Banjo - Travel Banjo and Banjo for Children to Learn On IN STOCKThe new Good Time Junior Travel Banjo.The Deering Junior was formerly called the Deering Parlor Banjo. Since then I've written/recorded over 20 Banjo Books and Banjo DVDs , was the first to offer Banjo Lessons Online and have grown into a banjo store with over 1000 products. Well, for starters this banjo has a travel size, which means that it is smaller and lighter, so you can take it along each time you want to do so. It has a... Gold Tone AC-4 - 4-String Openback 19 Fret Irish Tenor or Standard Tenor Travel Banjo Available in Standard Tenor Tuning CGDA or Irish Tenor Tuning GDAELightweight Composite Construction Perfect for Traveling. The Rogue Travel/Starter banjo features 18 brackets, high-quality head, satin finish, first-rate tuning machines, and a road-ready open-back design that's light and fleet and produces authentic tone. This kit is made from solid American Walnut with a unique, space-saving rim. Get the guaranteed best price on Banjos like the Rogue Travel / Starter Banjo at Musician's Friend. Americana Banjo Kit $ 199.00 Add to cart; Cello Banjo Kit (5 and 6 string models) $ 199.00 Add to cart; Gourd Banjo Kit $ 199.00 Read more; Minstrel Banjo Kit $ 175.00 Add to cart; Mountain Banjo Kit $ 199.00 Add to cart; Travel Banjo Kit $ 150.00 Add to cart Hear it played $ 869.25 Read more; Blueridge BR-41 “Baby Blueridge” guitar Saga OK-2 Openback banjo “build your own banjo” kit Banjo - Travel Banjo - Child Sized. The critical joints are all pre-cut and the slotted fingerboard is … The Deutsch Fretless. It even folds up in your suitcase!The Tranjo is the most unique traveler ever made. It was made popular in the 1830's and featured a specialised, unique string which was shorter in design and allowed the banjo to be tuned to a higher, open pitch. Use this chord transposition chart to see how the Mini Banjo chords translate to traditional banjo chords. BEFORE YOU BEGIN Please take the time to check over the parts of our kit now, to make sure everything is there. easy practice or for a Child's first instrumentLike its cousin the AC-1, the Gold Tone AC-4 is a low priced economical, durable and... Gold Tone AC-Traveler: Travel-Scale Lightweight 5-String Banjo Perfect for Adults Traveling or Children to learn on.The Gold Tone AC-Traveler 5-string lightweight Travel Banjo with Gig Bag is a low priced affordable banjo you can tune to G tuning. You don’t need experience, either. Choose one of our 3 beginner banjo packages. The neck width is similar to a full size... Good Time Artisan Parlor Banjo - Travel and Children Size 5-String Banjo The Deering Artisan parlor banjo makes a great travel banjo and also the perfect size for children to learn on. The 8 inch drum head size with the smaller neck scale is the other banjo alternative for kids or for traveling like the BG-Mini, CC-Mini, and The Plucky, There is also The Tranjo which is can be taken apart and put in a suitcase. Read reviews from banjo sales in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. Easy to play! Banjo Demo Videos for Goldtone Banjos, Recording King, Goldstar, Nechville, Deering. 10.5″ diameter “frame” rim, 6″ vibrating drum surface. The workshop takes place during the days we are at sea so you can visit all ports and still have plenty of time for fun with your spouse, family or friends while on the cruise. Site By STELL Gold Tone MC-150 Banjo Kit The MC Banjo kit is designed for the do-it-yourself craftsman. Modest skill for these, about 10 hours to build, the neck to the body needs to be glued, the head stock needs to be glued, needs sanding, tools needed are coping saw, sanders electric drill etc. The banjo you’re about to build is an open-back (no resonator), and is suitable for either old-time or bluegrass playing styles. Backyard Music banjos and banjo kits are light-weight, inexpensive, and durable open-backed 5-string banjos designed for beginning players, for quiet practice, or for backpacking and travel. Gold Tone CC Mini - Banjo Size for Kids or Easy Carry Travel Adult Practice Banjo The Gold Tone CC Mini Banjo is the perfect banjo for kids to learn play banjo on and in my opinion the best small banjo for children or adults traveling.It is a banjo that is easy to travel with, practice, and great for kids and youth banjo students to learn on. Annual Banjo Workshop weekend in Sunny St Pete Beach Florida! The neck is completely detachable with one thumb screw and fits in a suitcase.

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