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Strain into a coupe glass. Contemporary pairings with tequila include. However, made correctly and fine strained this is a superbly refreshing drink on a hot day. When used to their full potential in cocktails the resulting drinks are equally light and subtle with complex flavours that complement rather than overwhelm the rum. Shake well, strain into a collins glass and top with tonic water. Squeeze the lime slice over the glass and drop it in. The Rum Drink Makes 1. Strain into a … El ViajeroWith: Light white rum, coconut water, Ximenez sherry, lime juice, sugar syrup and Bob's Chocolate Bitters.We say: Coconut water and Pedro Ximénez sherry help make this sour on the rich side and we recommend trying after a meal. Shake well. Campari is the best-known but there is a myriad of other similar bright crimson-coloured bittersweet liqueurs. There are many ways to enjoy Campari—in a Negroni, with Fernet, with soda and a strip of lemon… This modern recipe, comprised of white rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit and lime juice, may be pared down by Hemingway’s standards, but it’s enough to … El Presidente No.1With: Light white rum, dry vermouth and pomegranate syrup.We say: This rose pink tinted coloured drink harnesses a delicate balance between light rum and vermouth with a touch of pomegranate fruity sweetness. Let's Go BananasWith: Banana, light white rum, dry vermouth, lime juice, sugar syrup and pastis.We say: Fresh and enlivening. The extra whiskey touch makes it ideal for trying out in some of the cocktails below. A twist on the Classic Champagne Cocktail, this Rum & Campari Champagne Cocktail is a bit more mellow with Rum & Campari in place of Cognac & Angostura Bitter. All editorial and photography on is copyright protected, Please confirm you are over 21 years old and enter your email, Reviews, Ratings & Our Rules of Engagement, Rum cocktails - made with Light White Rum. Daiquiri No.1 FrozenWith: Light white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup and maraschino liqueur.We say: Blend with too much ice and you will have a tasteless slushy drink that will give you brain-ache if you drink it too fast. Add the rum, Campari, triple sec, and bitters. However, Hemingway had a hardened palate and more delicate drinkers may prefer the recipe above. Characterised by it’s deep red colour and intensely bitter flavours. A Rum and Campari Cocktail Recipe to Celebrate Spring. 9 ratings 4.9 out of 5 star rating. We found this recipe really sung when we added a splash of water for some extra dilution and half a bar spoon of sugars. Delicately simple yet with perfectly balanced complexity of flavours. It varies greatly in acoholic percentage depending on country, ranging from 20.5% to 28.5%. Breakfast ClubWith: Light white rum, English orange marmalade, runny honey and Lapsang Souchong tea.We say: Slightly smoky with incredible depth of flavour. 2 ounces dark rum 1 ounce Campari 1/2 ounce homemade triple sec 1 dash bitters Lime slice, for garnish. Santa Marta Daiquiri With: Light white rum, … Tiki drinks got their start ironically not in the Polynesian islands, but in Hollywood at a little place called Don The Beachcomber, where a man named Donn Beach started a Tiki movement in the 1930s. Mary PickfordWith: Light white rum, pineapple juice, pomegranate syrup and maraschino liqueur.We say: When made correctly, this pale pink cocktail has a perfect balance between the fruit flavours and the spirit of the rum. Hemingway BreakfastWith: Absinthe, light white rum, lime juice, falernum liqueur, English orange marmalade and Angostura Aromatic Bitters.We say: Basically a bitter orange and clove daiquiri. Made with Bacardi Carta Blanca (as it originally was) this delicate cocktail has complex notes of blue cheese with faint salty sherry and herbal dry vermouth complexity. Strictly speaking, this page should be titled 20 best Rosolio de Bergamotto cocktails or even 20 best Bergamot liqueur cocktails but the truth is, although, One of the most famous cocktails from the 1970s, the Harvey Wallbanger is basically a Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice served tall over ice) with a, All Hallows' Eve, the 31st October, is spook night with bizarre costumes, trick-or-treat, pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and bonfires all the rage. Campari, Lime Juice, White Rum Rosita (Cocktail) Campari, Dry Vermouth, Sweet Vermouth, Tequila SKYY Buon Giorno! Double strain (through a Hawthorne strainer and a fine mesh strainer) into an ice-filled double … Fill a cocktail shaker halfway up with ice cubes. HollywoodWith: Light white rum, pink grapefruit juice, pomegranate syrup and egg white.We say: This drink is deliciously different. The story goes that it was invented in 1978 at the Aviary bar of the Kuala Lumpur Hilton. CAMPARI COCKTAILS. We say: If there is such a thing as a "Rum Aviation", then this is surely it. Embrace the bitter flavor of Campari with this tropical rum cocktail featuring pineapple and lime juice. pea, lemon juice, creme de menthe, lime juice, ginger syrup, lime juice and 27 … The rum, fino sherry, honey and lemon juice combine brilliantly, smoothed and made frothy with egg white. The bittersweet stuff is brightened with lime and fresh, tangy pineapple juice, while the base of the cocktail is rich blackstrap rum. The Jungle Bird recipe combines rum and campari with sweet pineapple and tart lime for a deliciously bold Tiki classic A revitalized rum cocktail with an unusual ingredient. Though only up and running since last fall, Miami's Sweet Liberty has quickly become the go-to watering hole for off duty chefs and bartenders, frequently serving up matcha-spiked sours and sous vide banana juleps well past 2 a.m. Below, co-owner and hometown bar hero John Lermayer (Regent Cocktail Cocktail Club) whips up a super simple daiquiri riff using a splash of Campari. Daiquiri No.3With: Light white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, pink grapefruit juice and maraschino liqueur.We say: A Daiquiri No.1 with a tang of grapefruit and hint of maraschino. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. “Campari is the sort of product that might be hard to enjoy neat, but when mixed it transforms the entire cocktail,” suggests Sparvoli. Te AnakaWith: Light white rum, honey water, fino sherry, lemon juice and egg white.We say: Reminiscent of a Honeysuckle Daiquiri with salty sherry notes. Shake well. Stir well, garnish with a twist of lemon, and serve. Beautifully balanced and easy to make using everyday bar ingredients – a true Legacy cocktail. Mojito recipe. Strain into a cocktail glass. Honeysuckle DaiquiriWith: Light white rum, runny honey, lemon juice and orange juice.We say: Honey, I love it! Pour 1 oz of each of Campari liqueur and Cinzano Rosso (or any other sweet vermouth) over ice cubes in a cocktail glass. Perhaps our No Peel Orange Marmalade from Wilkin & Sons was a tad on the sour side – or even our limes. Campari Cocktail. They are light-bodied, delicate and fragrant. A perfectly balanced delight. Curtain CallWith: Light white rum, lemon juice, sugar syrup, Campari and champagne.We say: Rum, lemon, Campari and basil combine brilliantly with champagne adding biscuity complexity, crispness and enlivening effervescence. We've just started to see this cocktail on more drink menus, and we couldn't be happier about it. Try a sparkling Cranberry Champagne Cocktail, a Clementine Campari Cocktail, a non-alcoholic Christmas Punch or a … ThimisisWith: Light white rum, thyme liqueur, honey water, lime juice and Bob's Lavender Bitters.We say: It took us a while to find our bottle of Bigallet Thyme liqueur but once we tried this drink we discovered it was worth searching out. Essentially a Hemingway Special Daiquiri (Papa Doble Daiquiri) for folk without the great author's constitution or love of the sours. Such, With its earthy herbaceous flavours, tequila makes for both a versatile and characterful base spirit in cocktails. Looking for something else? Be sure your bananas are ripe/overripe. Rum, grapefruit and pomegranate smoothed with egg white and spice with nutmeg. [Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links at no additional cost to you. Nov 4, 2020 - Drink created by French chef . The telltale sign it’s that it’s modern: it fuses the Italian bitter Campari … Beautifully balanced and delicately flavoured. You must log in to your account to make a comment. Hemingway Special Daiquiri (Papa Doble) With: Light white rum, pink grapefruit juice, maraschino liqueur, lime juice and sugar syrup.We say: A true Hemingway Special should be served without the addition of sugar. Daiquiri No.1 (Natural/Classic Daiquiri) With: Light white rum, lime juice, powdered sugar, chilled water (and optional Daiquiri Bitters)We say: Crisp, light and refreshing. ... whips up a super simple daiquiri riff using a splash of Campari. With: Light white rum, Campari, pineapple juice, lime juice and sugar syrup. But don't worry, the Champagne is still there! newsletter, All A Drink You Can Actually Make Coverage [Eater Drinks], matcha-spiked sours and sous vide banana juleps, Survey Finds That Pandemic Has Exacerbated Sexual Harassment of Tipped Workers, Bipartisan Senate Proposal Includes Some Support for Small Businesses, No New Stimulus Checks. OptimistWith: Light white rum, fino sherry, lime juice, sugar syrup and Peychaud's Aromatic Bitters.We say: Fino sherry and Peychaud's Bitters brilliantly sets this riff on a classic Daiquiri apart. Santa Marta DaiquiriWith: Light white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, chilled water and eau de vie.We say: A float of Kirsch eau-de-vie adds wonderfully fruity aromatics to an otherwise classic Natural Daiquiri. 2. Add the rum, Campari, triple sec, and bitters. 2 ounces white rum, such as Caña Brava 3/4 ounce fresh lime juice 3/4 ounce simple syrup 1 spoon Campari. Welcome to A Drink You Can Actually Make, Eater's first ever recipe series dedicated to simple cocktails from new bars across the country. This is basically a thyme and lavender daiquiri and it likes plenty of dilution. 2 ounces white rum… In September 2019, Campari unveiled Cask Tales, a new version of the classic aperitif finished in bourbon barrels. We have over 500 cocktail recipes based on light white rum and we are adding more all the time. Campari doesn't make its way into many Tiki drinks but it sure does taste great. 2. The Valor Red cocktail combines both in an intriguing mixture of bitter Campari, zingy ginger liqueur, and rum, topped with a potent dollop of overproof white rum… See more light white rum cocktails and sort by rating or by name. Delicious and very refreshing. Santiago DaiquiriWith: Light white rum, lemon juice and pomegranate syrup.We say: This Daiquiri is particularly delicate in its balance between sweet and sour. Shaken Campari Is a Perfect One-Ingredient Cocktail. Daiquiri ElixirWith: Light white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup and Green Chartreuse.We say: Freshly pressed sugar cane syrup and the French elixir Chartreuse add complexity to the classic Daiquiri. Salty BirdWith: Light white rum, Campari, pineapple juice, lime juice and sugar syrup.We say: Salty Bird hardly suggests a sweet fruity drink but perfectly befits this bittersweet rum laced pineapple and Campari sipper. With sweet passion fruit and pineapple, the Bittersweet Love Bird is a deliciously tropical white rum and bitter Campari cocktail. The vibrant red colour, powerful flavour and attractive bitterness makes these aperitif style liqueurs versatile and popular cocktail ingredients. PilarWith: Light white rum, peach liqueur, lime juice, pineapple sugar syrup, mint leaves and soda.We say: If you don't have pineapple syrup, or the time to make the pineapple syrup as stipulated in Joseph's recipe, then don't worry – this drink also works well when made with 10ml / 1 /3oz pineapple juice and 10ml / 1/3oz of sugar syrup (2:1). Mix this classic cocktail for a party using fresh … King's JubileeWith: Light white rum, maraschino liqueur and lemon juice. Fill with ice and shake vigorously until outside of shaker is frosty (about 30 seconds). Due to their diversity, we categorise rums according to their style and we define "Light White Rums" as rums which are column distilled, molasses-based and Cuban/Puerto Rican in style. We found a floral honey worked best. This bananay cocktail is a delight and makes for a great and most unusual aperitivo. All rights reserved. It’s the tropical way to drink through a bottle of Campari. 1. Originally named Ernest Gantt, Donn Beach lead a colorful life, running moonshine during Prohibition, and then traveling the South Pacific and the islands of the … Fill a cocktail shaker halfway up with ice cubes. Campari is commonly served with soda or orange juice in … This drink is easy to love, and it's also one of the best uses of Campari we know. Damn It JimmyWith: Sake, light white rum, fino sherry, dry vermouth and sugar syrup.We say: Delicately flavoured and ever so very slightly sweet. 1. Strain into a cocktail glass. Dark and mysterious, the Jungle Bird features two boozy heavyweights—bittersweet Campari and funky blackstrap rum—to yield a layered, unconventional tiki cocktail, balanced out with pineapple and lime juice. The Jungle Bird is a tropical cocktail made with rum, pineapple juice, and Campari. Cuban LiberalWith: Light white rum, sweet vermouth, Picon Amer and Angostura Orange Bitters.We say: Light white rum mellowed by Italian vermouth and made interesting with bittersweet French Amer Picon liqueur. See more ideas about yummy drinks, fun drinks, cocktail recipes. Combine bourbon, vermouth and Campari in a cocktail shaker. Campari is a unique, Italian aperitif like no other. Anyway, once balance adjusted this particular "Breakfast" was very tasty. CaribeñoWith: Light white rum, coconut water, lime juice and sugar syrup.We say: A Daiquiri that is light on lime and elongated with coconut water. Papa Hemingway knew that the easiest way to make a rum cocktail taste even better was to add more rum—his original recipe for his namesake Daiquiri variation included a whopping four-ounces of the stuff. We say: Salty Bird hardly suggests a sweet fruity drink but perfectly befits this bittersweet rum laced pineapple and Campari sipper. 2 ounces dark rum 1 ounce Campari 1/2 ounce homemade triple sec 1 dash bitters Lime slice, for garnish. Pour the Campari, peach schnapps, orange juice and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Follows our 20 best such cocktails: Squeeze the lime slice over the glass and drop it in. If you apply the charcoal rim, perhaps leave a lipstick saving space rather than encircling the rim. 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