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Stop by a place straight out of yesteryear, and watch as classic counters are restored. Next, get the low-down on low-carb chocolate and see how Campbell's Chicken Soup is created. Candy Unwrapped: Valentine's Day has all the sweet secrets. Learn how Pepsi got the case of the blues, and the trick to giving chips a new blue look. In this Christmas Special a bumper team of presenters look at ways to feed your family and friends over the festive period better, cheaper and faster. Visit Play-doh, and see how Alphabet soup is served up. Doritos Collisions from Frito Lay near Salt Lake City, UT, Half & Half from Sassy Cow Creamery in Columbus, WI, Red Beans and Rice from Zatarain's, Extinguisher candy from American Licorice Company in La Porte, IN, Black & White cookies from Zaro's Bakery in New York City, NY and Honeybells from Cushman's Fruit Company in Vero Beach, FL. Plus, what makes an Italian condiment so fiery. Rate. Finally, see a factory putting out a tiny version of pecan pie. Watch as Marc Summers pops the question about weddings and the festive foods that go along with them. Check out an old-time candy store right in the heart of NYC. Stay healthy with soy snacks & dried fruit. We're bringing home the bacon with these and more savory stories on Unwrapped. Marc Summers gets the inside story on nuts. Take lessons from CharBroil Grilling University, check out what a shot of marinade does for meat and see how barbecue is done Mongolian-style. Next, visit a company making street tacos, and follow a street food expert exploring the international fare of New York. We'll see what kids eat. Marc Summers gets a taste of how coffee is made at Boyd's coffee company, learns about chicory at Cafe du Monde, visits the Boston Coffeecake factory & learn the secrets behind decaf at Swiss Water. Get off to a sweet start with Hostess Donettes, and see how Sunkist Naturals is changing traditional orange juice into a smoothie! And a visit to Sol Toro's Tequila Grill. Follow the rainbow to your favorite colorful creations! Get an inside look at the Great American Beer Fest and discover microbrews and homebrews. Join host, Marc Summers, as he heads to Hawaii to sample Aloha Edibles. Host Marc Summers is playing with fire! Then, discover the secret to shipping Lobsters, and the history behind Harryand David's. All this plus muffins and mashers and much much more on a special hour-long "Turkey & Trimmings" edition of Unwrapped. What it takes to cater a fairy tale wedding at Cinderella's castle? Host Marc Summers gets out the grill and grabs the spatula as we fry up the facts about hamburgers. Also, what's the story behind "gelt," those chocolate coins encased in bright foil? Explore the chocolate novelty business, and meet a man who carves a living out of pumpkins. Unlike normal potato chips, Pringles are made mostly from potato FLAKES, not sliced potatoes! Get a line on a rainbow of goldfish, see how seafood is served in a spread, and visit the largest fish market in the country! Find out the secrets of condensed milk, check out how cottage cheese is made and discover how milk delivery is making a comeback. Then, we visit Torani's to learn how you can drink a toasted marshmallow in the form of a delicious gourmet syrup. Find out the juicy details of Mauna La'i and learn the history behind Toucan Sam. Plus, discover a kid-friendly restaurant called Peanut Butter & Ellie?s. Discover how one company is taking food out of hte kitchen and into the playground, take a bite out of sweets that look like stones! Watch Walnetto's get whipped up, see how a Junior Caramel is rolled out, and visit Ben & Jerry's mixologists concocting their caramel core flavor. See how candies like Brain Drips get made. Get ready to blend, whip and crush because we?re looking at shakable treats. Then get the history behind Kentucky Fried Chicken and Krispy Kreme. Then, we re off to Mozzco where a selfproclaimed cheese whiz shows us how fresh mozzarella is made and we ll meet the chefs at Freschetta, where they re hard at work inventing new frozen pizza flavors. Watch how fast food is made! This episode is loaded with everything Stuffed. And visit a restaurant that specializes in the Fluffer nutter and learn how to make your own marshmallow at home. Later, Mrs. Fields delivers a giant cookie with a little twist, and do you know what "calzone" means in Italian? From Aunt Jemima to Campbell's, to how Coke collectibles and kids' value-meal toys are developed, and hit up a photo session with Poppin' Fresh. How do you eat a 2-pound bar of chocolate? Automat, a little restaurant that's like a giant vending machine and watch Taco Bell whip together their famous tacos. The world's your oyster in this episode of Unwrapped with a taste of Elegant Eats. Then, head over to Lawry?s to discover how marinades are made and visit a barbeque Expo, Learn about some Skinny Snacks! Host Marc Summers is tailgating for this episode! From cole slaw to tortilla chips, grilled steaks to the Coleman cooler, we'll learn the secrets behind America's favorite summer foods -- Super Summer Snacks on Unwrapped. Twinkies. And what about containers you can chew? At Dylan's Candy Bar, you can find out! First, Take a bite out of Ortega Taco Shells, find out the twist behind Refried Beans and check out Jack cheese. Next, find out the secrets of "Hiding Eggs." Next, we're off to Reser's to see how the factory mashes up piles of potatoes. Visit Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC, then hit the factory to see how Candy Buttons, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and the Sky Bar are made. Learn the secret of the mozzarella stretch at the Farm Rich factory, how Cedar Foods makes hummus and Frito's makes Scoops and visit Geja's Café and Biscottea. Then, find out how Hot Dog on a Stick got started. Finally, nobody knows mustard like Plochman's! Join host Marc Summers for a full hour of cookies. It's everything we love to warm up our insides and brighten our spirits on a special hour-long "Comfy Cozy" Unwrapped special! 4. Snuggle up with Unwrapped as host Marc Summers takes a look at foods that make you feel good! Unwrapped is showing you some crazy containers! Season 17 guide for Food Unwrapped TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Join host, Marc Summers, as he shines the spotlight on the stars of Hollywood food! Learn what goes into hot dog vending carts, and take a look at hi-tech gumball machines. And visit the California Pizza Kitchen & Find out how your pizza can be "designer" as we learn the secrets behind flavored frozen dough. 1. Find out how they keep the hot stuff flowing! Finally, discover how Diamond toothpicks are carved out, Discover a restaurant serving up every flavor of cereal you can imagine and see how one NCAA fan is creating pasta shaped school logos. Unwrap secrets behind candy bars as Marc Summers goes behind the scenes at some of America's old favorites like Hershey, Milky Way, Snickers and Three Musketeers. Later, how Dominos delivers 400 million pizzas a year, and the new twist on M&M's that's making them a party favorite all over again! Plus, check out some retro, finger-food favorites. Find out just how your favorite crunchy, cheesy snack comes together. And we'll see how Big's Sunflower Seeds sends 25,000 pounds of seeds through the sorter every hour! Go behind the scenes at NASA to see what their chefs are concocting, check out a "Kitchen of the Future" and hop on the information superhighway with Internet Shopping Carts. Plus, take a stab at how knives are formed. We start with Palmer's Chocolate Bunnies-did you know that three-quarters of us start by biting off the ears? Get a bite out of a spicy cookie called sparks, a jelly filled Pepperidge farm treat. Unwrap the secrets of the world of snacking. Plug in your toasters and bring on the bread because today we're serving up some toasty treats! Today, Unwrapped is waking up early with the best brunch has to offer! They're wild...they're crazy...they're food fanatics. Host Marc Summers takes a bite out of Munchies. Uncover the tasty secrets of 3 Musketeers, find out the facts about a healthy candy sweetened with fruit juice, and check out "hip" Retro Bars. Its a sweet tooth alert on this full hour of Sweet Stuff Unwrapped. Get the inside information on theater concessions with a look at a machine that will pop the perfect kernel, chocolate-covered raisins, the world of M&M collectibles, and much more. Dive into the history of RC cola, check out cheese straws, and discover pork rinds. It's time for Marc Summers to serve up secrets behind cereal. Plus, see how this petite tortellini pasta gets stuffed, wrapped, and rolled out at the Armanino factory. Check out how colorful After Dinner Mints are made, learn why Izze Soda is for adults and visit Red Square Ice Bar in Vegas. Check out Faygo, visit Knottsberry Farm and more! Later, we found a gummy bear so huge, you have to see it to believe it, and the biggest cheese in America! Plus, see how pepper mills get carved out. Join host Marc Summers for things that go "pop!" Then we're off to visit the masterminds behind those fast food tiny toys and more. First, discover how Jones Soda Company has put its popular soda pop in tablet form and learn the history behind Lost Trail Root Beer. Join Marc Summers as we unwrap plenty of appetizers including Chili's portable poultry potstickers at Ling Ling's, Mimi's cheesy spinach artichoke dip, Amy's Kitchen for teeny pizzas and Outback's bloomin' Onions and Buenos Aires Pizzeria empanadas. Get ready for a mouthful of marshmallow! Then, watch how Palermo's Pizza makes 150 frozen pizzas every minute! The team look back at some favourite investigations. And learn how Signature Brands bottles up Oreo Cookies and Cream Cows? Visit a virtuoso turning noodles into works of art and see how garlic is prepped for packaging. Plus, discover how Meadow Gold concocts Passion-Orange-Guava juice! Later, Nature's Pride bakes enough bread for a million sandwiches every day, and see why Turkey Hill's ice cream sandwiches are doubly delicious. Sample slimming Spa Chocolates.. And popcorn is a must-have, whether you're cozying up at home or waiting in line at a premier. Then, Bing Energy Drink offers up a cherry pick me up. find out the secret behind a historic San Francisco treat called It's It Ice how to get Maine lobster online from the Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company and pay homage to Samuel Adams as we go behind the scenes to a brewery the founding fathers would have loved. First, we find out what Texas tailgaters throw on their grill at game time. Later, the mystery ingredient that makes P2C2 so good, and find out why Gifford's Chocolate Lovers Ice Cream was voted the world's best! Over 4 million bags of Cheetos are made every DAY! Next, check out a research company developing the cutting edge of food magic, and discover a Chicago chef conjuring exotic ways to eat. First we'll visit Bamn! Learn the stories behind retro drinks, and find out how the margarita got its name. Discover how Tom Turkey is chosen for a Presidential pardon, watch how faux turkey turns into Tofurky and head over to Heinz as gravy grinds up for bottling. Stop in the biggest Mexican restaurant around and get moo-ving at a dairyland delight. Next, go behind the scenes at Welch's and learn just how many grapes it takes to make that popular juice. Today we're exploring our favorite foods from the freezer! Check out how Lenders makes bagels for the masses, head to Hershey?s for their Chocolate Brunch and meet a man critiquing Eggs Benedict. Wake up! Marc Summers gets curious about 'comfort foods.' See an Elsie the Cow collection, visit the Salt and Shaker Club, discover how the Internet provides for foodies. Then, Chipotle knows how to pack a burrito and Mrs. Cubbison's bakes over 65,000 loaves of fresh bread every day to keep America satisfied with stuffing. Then, Rishi educates us on the fine art of chai tea and we head to NYC, for the annual Coffee and Tea festival. Also, see how you can order from your seat. Catch up with a bbq rig that's gone king-sized, visit Weber's restaurant devoted to grilling, and get an inside look at the BBQ of the Month Club, and much more. First up, Tabasco and Buffalo Wild Wings. The world's largest potato chip? Should we buy supermarkets' standard or value products. Then we head to Frito-Lay's True North to see how they create their Almond Clusters. Then, have a taste of the old world with Columbus salami, and put on your pucker face for Sweetarts! Join host, Marc Summers, for a chomping good time during Salad Days. Join host, Marc Summers, as he throws a party for the foods we celebrate with. Food Unwrapped; Genre: Consumer: Based on: Food CIA: Presented by: Matt Tebbutt Kate Quilton Jimmy Doherty (2013—) Helen Lawal (S12 Supermarket Special—) Amanda Byram (2019 Christmas Special—) Andi Oliver (2019 Christmas Special—) Briony May Williams (2019 Christmas Special—) Kiran Jethwa (S9 - S11 specials) James Watt (2012) Martin Dickie (2012) Country of origin Find out how coffeehouses have (or haven't) changed since the 18th century! Check out how "Mother's Cookies" are made, then see how old-fasioned candy has a sweet, gooey center. These foods and more that won't break the bank on this episode of Unwrapped. Can you stand it? Explore what goes into your cornflakes at Kelloggs Cereal City and peek behind the scenes at the Quaker Oats factory. Find out why animal crackers are not cookies; the dark secret behind vanilla wafer; jars that are more valuable than the cookies inside; how chocolate chips are made; find out how a company delivers fresh cookies: the surprise inside the fortune cookie. Frito-Lay goes through 12 tons of potatoes every hour just to make them! Hot and Spicy. Hit up a diner, or a trendy club serving kiddie classics. Host Marc Summers is taking an inside look at the fun side of fromage. Why is there calcium in bread? Then head to Ohio for a look at Buck-eyes. Plus, an LA grocer who carries over 300 different types of soda and the Museum of Beverage Containers. Marc Summers is focusing on foods that come in roll form like Tootsie Rolls, cinnamon rolls, spring rolls and sushi rolls. And, ham it up in Seattle at Archie McPhee's bacon boutique! It's time to put on your thinking caps and journey through the process of inventing new food products. Join Marc Summers to see how crazy cupcakes get created, muffins get made, and check out the secrets behind sprinkles. Then, indulge in a tart lemon treat at Village Inn, and watch as ReaLemon bottles thousands of gallons of lemon juice. Fast Foods. We'll also tell you the secrets to making the Mallo Cup. Hit the trail with Marc Summers on an expedition to find treats to eat when you're roughin' it. Then, we're off to visit with former footballer Mark Schlereth and to taste his Stinkin' Good Green Chili. Then, a little something for Mom and Dad -- a hopped-up beer with a bark as big as its bite! Food Unwrapped travels the world to explore the industry secrets behind our favourite food. From inventing a flavor at Ben and Jerry's Headquarters in Burlington, Vermont, to the exotic flavors of India at Bombay Ice Cream in San Francisco. All this and more. Then treat yourself to a slice of special key lime cake. Then, check out how Sandy Candy is designed and discover how one company is shucking up Clambakes. Unwrapped, also known as Unwrapped with Marc Summers, is an American television program on Food Network that reveals the origins of sponsored foods. See how a plantain chips are made, visit the topicana factory and see how trail mix gets a tropical twist. Keep your eyes open as Unwrapped goes late-night! Finally, get a taste of a delicious makeover for a snowman named Frosty. Then get a hook on Long John Silver's history, and even more! Find out the trick to turning apple sauce red and furry, and see how baby carrots are grown. Girl Scout Cookies. Food Unwrapped: Comfort Foods Special A celebration of the foods we turn to when we crave comfort, from pizza to pork pies, and from custard to Cornish pasties. We'll watch how these ideas are marketed, and even discover what those old character give-aways are worth to collectors. Check out Mrs. Butterworth?s history, discover how old time caramels get whipped up, and meet an artist who designs portraits out of bubblegum. Finally, take a bite out of a tortilla chip taking the shape of the big state. First, fly over to M&M Mars to observe candy bar designers, watch a food biographer in action, and get growing with a produce inventor. There are some foods that are just part of the American experience-on a special one-hour Unwrapped, we explore these "All-American Eats." Go inside the world of America's great love-candy. Find out how Otis Spunkeyer makes their cookies so soft, visit the World's Largest Cookie, sample a movie candy made of cookie dough and see how Ben & Jerry's mixes up Cookie Dough ice cream. Up next, Cookie Dough Bites are a sweet treat from previews to credits, and if you'd rather have a whole meal at the theater, stick around to see the Movie Tavern! See wheat spun into golden bread at Oroweat, watch yeast perform its magic and meet some meatloaf makers. Join us as host Marc Summers breaks out the cookie sheet and hits the kitchen for some cutting edge info about cookies. Marc Summers creeps behind the scenes of spooky but sweet snacks. Watch Unwrapped episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Next its on to Fondue! Food Unwrapped. In this episode of Unwrapped, we look at Protein. Take a peek at a unique truffle bar, see how Caviar gets served up, and dip into dainty chocolate lace candy. Then, see how Sarsaparilla is made and how cast iron skillets are formed. Learn how the experts eat a Mickey Bar, then get ready for the royal treatment! As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so today we look at some well-known edibles taking on a different form. First, discover the secrets to making a sugar substitute, see how one Chicago bakery is making their own "famous" treats, and grab a slice of a pizza made out of chocolate. Later, why Biscotti di Suzy bakes cookies twice, and see how popcorn grows at the Humphrey Company! Food Secrets. Finally, find out how Force Flex trash bags are formed. All this and more. Today host Marc Summers is spreading it on thick with Reese's peanut butter cups, the PB Loco restaurant, Mary Jane candies, Denali's Moose Tracks ice cream and Tastykake's Kandy Kake. Plus, why is soy in so many UK foods? The Truth About Amazon. For the first time, Coca Cola opens its doors to our cameras to reveal the secrets of America's #1 soft drink. First, visit Ethel M?s Chocolates, a Vegas candy institution, roll the dice with Sin City Suckers and visit the Carnaval Court Bar & Grill for cocktail showstoppers. Dreadful and check out a water bottle made from corn that biodegrades in just eighty days. First, Nestle reveals some surprising ingredients in an old favorite, the Butterfinger. First, we head to the Ferrara Pan Candy Company and find out how their sweet and sour gummi worms are made. Matt visits the world's biggest oyster producer - China. Marc Summers is biting into the world of wacky candy. Watch as calzones get stuffed, what's inside some pretzels, how TastyKakes get their filling, and learn about King Cake. And find out the secrets to maple candy. First, PEZ produces half-a-million candy tablets a day... see how all the PEZ heads are put on straight! Join host Marc Summers as he gets candid about canned classics. Also, travel to Mrs. Baird's for some of her addictive mini-donuts and visit a donut shop still making Spudnuts. Rate. See the making of classic cheesy snacks - - like Cheese Doodles, Cheese Popcorn and orange Cheese Crackers. Finally, discover Horchata. Then see how cookies are combined into ice cream and candy. Join us for a snack attack as Marc Summers bites into Sunchips, pickle chips and chocolate-covered potato chips. How does supermarket fresh pasta last so long? Get a look at the making of Zone Bars and energy mints. Unwrapped takes viewers behind the scenes of the movie No Reservations. Matt takes a look at pesto. Join Marc Summers as he catches up on the classics. They make 89,000 pounds of them every year! First, we'll discover what foods are a hit at the Little League World Series - then drink up the secrets behind frozen lemonade and other team treats. Plus, gourmet pork on your doorstep every month of the year with The Bacon of the Month Club! Later, discover a yellow fruit that's quite a handful, and find out how it's used to make citrus-flavored vodka! Unwrapped travels to Post Foods to see how they get seven colors into their Fruity Pebbles cereal. Ever wonder where the princesses eat? It's a very sweet trip down memory lane. the Ghiradelli festival, learn the story of Yoo Hoo, plus the Hershey Spa. Marc Summers looks at the sticky topic of peanut butter with a behind-the-scenes look at Skippy, a NY restaurant specializing in peanut butter sandwiches, a company that has new nutty ingredients & the candies Reese's and Mary Janes. It?s raining, it?s pouring, and host Marc Summers is eating?. Plus see how a six layer dip is created for the masses. Discover how the Nestle Crunch bar and the Drumstick are created. Host Marc Summers will discover once and for all what is in Grandma's Fruitcake and why it enjoys such a special reputation. Marc Summers is checking out marshmallow bunnies and the laying of malted eggs. This particular special talks about the secrets and stories that go into creating the food at the Walt Disney World Resort every day. Discover the ABC's of Sugar cookies. You can't have a sandwich without chips! Marc Summers "pours" over the secrets of 'spirits.' Matt joins KFC on the front-line of the fight against flaccid fries, Kate goes behind the scenes at Deliveroo, and Jimmy investigates the health benefits of a taco. See how Blow Pops get big, watch a 45-LB monster sundae get whipped up, and get a bite of an oversized pizza pie. 18 Mar. Then, find out how Fruit Bars make a great frozen treat and take the Nestea plunge. Then, Amano Artisan Chocolate explains the art of making chocolate the old-fashioned way and we ll slice into some super satiny pie from Marie Callenders. Then, eat on the go, thanks to Thermos and discover the secret inside Carl's Jr. Join host Marc Summers as we get the buzz on fizzy foods. Episode Recap Unwrapped on Jimmy finds out what gives piquanté peppers their sweetness. The fruit is the thing on tonight's Unwrapped. Learn about V8 Juice, Vienna Sausages, Bush's Baked Beans, Ice Cream in a can from SheerBliss and Amy's Organic's canned chili. Join host Marc Summers to find out why candy canes are crooked; how to make a picture-perfect whipped cream "dollop"; what food company created the image of Santa Claus, and what it's like to answer phones at the Butterball Hotline at holiday time? Then, Lowrey's Pork Rinds pop up inside your microwave! Finally, meet a moist towelette collector! Find out just why marshmallow Circus Peanuts taste like banana! Marc Summers is full of energy. 2. Learn about Chick-fil-A's claim to the first chicken sandwich, discover what a Chic-O-Stick is, and go behind the scenes to see Pot Pies made. Get a taste of Pork Rinds, Cheese Straws, tortilla chips, Pace Salsa, Buffalo wings, Pringles, and twisted pretzels. What surprise can bring Paula Deen's kitchen to a standstill? Marc Summers explores the candy of yesteryear. Learn how non-allergenic biscuits were born for buddy and get the scoop on canine ice cream. Jimmy looks at how our national dish could become squid and chips. Finally, take a sweet ride on the Peeps Fun Bus. First, visit Marie Callenders, learn how Stouffer's Mac and Cheese is concocted, then stop by a restaurant specializing in gourmet Grilled Cheese. Discover how Trader Joe's grocery store keeps its prices so low. Join host, Marc Summers as he gets the scoop on all sorts of Goodies. Take a trip back in time as Marc Summers eats up the sweet world of Retro Candy. Host Marc Summers takes a bit out of Delicatessens. Visit the Swiss Colony as they prep for their busiest time, see how a snow globe becomes an edible sweet, and check out a company building gingerbread houses. See what Sour Patch Kids are modeled after, head to Hardee?s for their Monster Burger and pucker up for a pickle-eating contest. Hit the breakfast buffet with host, Marc Summers. First, we go to Grandmas, but this isn t your grannys cookie factory! Then, find out what a Philly Swirl is and go behind the scenes at KitchenAid. Next, learn the secrets of seafood sandwiches and watch a 6 lb. First, we ll visit one of our favorite relatives, Papa Murphy, and find out why take and bake is so hot. Finally, check out how to get a margarita on a stick. With looks at Blue Diamond's smokehouse almonds, See's Candies, Hawaiian Host macadamia nuts, Larabar trail mix, Paramount Farms pistachio plantation and NECCO's Squirrel Nut Zippers. Of course we don't neglect the main dish-Glazed Honey Hams are sweetened and torched in a process you have to see to believe. Check out what makes Kona Coffee so unique. Unravel the mysteries of Ramen Noodles, head to Taco Bell to sample the value meal menu and visit a store where you can still buy penny candy. How can New Zealand lamb be sold as 'fresh' in the UK? Learn how goat cheese, cheesecake and Cheez-It crackers are made. on a special hour-long, batter-dipped, sizzling edition of Unwrapped. Then discover the secrets of quick cuisine combo meals from KFC to Chipotle. Find out what goes into making some of America's favorites and what goes into selling them. Finally, check out a picnic essential.... plastic utensils! If you're using your noodle, you might say pasta! Learn the secret to fitness water, and see how runners fuel up for marathons. Marc Summers takes us around the world of twisted treats featuring Hammond's Candies' new Mike & Ikes, a curled-up cookie called the Pirouline, the American Licorice Company's Super String and Frito Lay spins their classic Cheetos into yummy spirals. Breakfast Cookies from Quaker Oats Company, Sandwich Cookies from Grandma's Cookies, Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Dreyer's, Cookie Bouquets from Cookies By Design, Create Your Own Assortment from Harry & David in Medford, OR and Cookie Melts from Hat Creek Candle Company in Watertown, WI. And check out a special freezer used to make Rita's Italian Ice treat. Then, meet Sister Schubert to find out what makes her rolls so rich, and sail over to Popeye's for a bite of their famous fried chicken! Also, find out the secret to Jelly Belly's big flavors. Then see how the smoothie was born and discover a cocktail shaker company making instant classics. Head to Tank Town and watch a rain wrangler make bottled water and get the inside scoop on making a perfect Pot Roast. Head to McCormick?s to see Cinnamon Sugar mix up, get a taste of cookies with a kick and check out how CinnaPretzels get spun together. Then, discover the process of energizing Jelly Beans, and tour a laboratory inventing original food products for major companies. And Ice Cream Alchemy is serving up savory ice cream that tastes like cracked pepper, cumin, or capers! Matt reveals how supermarkets get the iced writing on birthday cakes so perfect. When the summer sun heats up the beach or the pool, Super Summer Snacks are there to refresh. Finally, grind out the secret to how pepper is prepared. First, Swiss Colony makes a birthday hat that's too tiny to wear, but the perfect size for snacking! 18 Mar. Plus, visit Diamond Nuts to get a crack at walnuts. Watch how Ready Crisp Bacon is made, check out how Kettle brand Potato Chips are cooked and visit a factory developing X-tra crispy Fries. Next, see how Morton Salt gets a little "kick," and more! Watch as applesauce goes Technicolor, and brown brownies get rainbow accessories. Keep your eyes open as Unwrapped goes late-night! Plus, learn the history of Karo Syrup. Should we be raising children as vegans? Sara Lee bakes up some adorable mini-buns, and Eat Yer Face lets you come face to face with a most unusual dessert! Join Marc Summers as he explores the stylish world of Food Fashion. Kate discovers a potentially life-saving property of shrimp shells. In this special vegan edition of the show, Kate learns the surprising secrets of the vegan cheese melt, can Jimmy go vegan for a week? Then, Mom's Best Honey Toasted O's costs half that of a brand name box, find out if they make them the same way. Then, from Gruyère and Swiss to marshmallows and banana, anything goes at the Grilled Cheese Invitational! Next, Samuel Adams makes a great companion to a tailgate party: beer! Ever wondered where the tiny marshmallows in your breakfast cereal came from? Head to the Midwest for deep dish pie, a cheese castle and a castle made of corn. Grab a spoon, your favorite bowl and plenty of milk as we go behind the scenes of Marshmallow Mateys; Nutri-Grain Bars; Kashi; Malt O Meal and Kellogg's rice krispy treats. Plus, learn the secrets that go into creating cans. Rate. Then, sink into luxury with a visit to the Hershey Spa.

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