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I do love me some savory and sweet combinations and I knew this ‘wich would take my taste buds to the heavens … On most bites of the sandwich, it tastes a lot like doughnut. REVIEW: KFC Doublicious Chicken Sandwich (Original & Grilled) July 7, 2010 July 8, 2012 Marvo 6 Rating, Fast Food, KFC. The KFC Chicken & Donuts sandwich tastes like guilt, and regret, and sadness. But the doughnuts are a little denser than the basic Krispy Kreme glazed. According to KFC, the new sandwich is bigger and better. While the sandwich is about the same width as a McDonald's hamburger (and with a similarly plain basic bun), the Extra Crispy filet was very thick and super meaty. My husband, on the other hand, loves red meat, so sometimes he gets annoyed when I want to have chicken for dinner, yet again. . 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Review: KFC - Chicken & Donut Sandwich. Though Popeyes’ offering, save its wrinkly “brioche” bun, looked far more like the photo KFC sent with its press annoucement, taste-wise they were pretty near identical. Okay, not cried. Cons: A couple of inconsistent breading spots that tend to attach to the bread more than the chicken. So, while the chicken itself was only moderately above average, and the other two inclusions were boring and lacking, the bun elevated the entire experience to new heights, giving fast food fans a welcome new chicken sandwich option. Find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @amydroo or on the OSFoodie Instagram account @orlando.foodie. The chicken sandwich-storm has reached a new high, and it has reached a new low. Treasure that feeling: It is your vaccine against eating this sandwich ever again. Dozens of dead animals were found in a Virginia Beach woman’s freezer. But I teared up a little, emotional as I watched a cooking technique literally thousands of years old, as I tasted the delicious fruits of that labor. As for a fast food chicken sandwich, it’s pretty good because it’s actually chicken meat. I paid $5.99 for the sandwich. Now the sandwich review. KFC’s competitor in the ever growing arms race is this Crispy Colonel Sandwich. If you agree that Chey-Butta needs her own YouTube Food Review Channel, simply say so in the comments and lock it in with a thumbs up! The pleasure is less guilty than shameful. Every good chicken sandwich must start with… good chicken. Email: The donuts were hot and appeared to have been fried in the restaurant at … Popeyes Canada has been teasing us with the release of their new Chicken Sandwich for about a week now.KFC Canada just released their new KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich, which uses similar ingredients too. The KFC version is not art. Size- and spicy sauce-wise, too. But the mood at KFC was buoyant: The staff seemed to love these doughnuts. At least, the KFC doughnuts also come glazed in that same saturated, viscous sugar-grease that refuses to leave any surface it comes into contact with: a sticky sludge of wish fulfillment for the reptile brain. How much does the KFC donut chicken sandwich cost? The 2 glazed donuts on the other hand. Dew is, either way or orange Mt. Dew for my drink. As for the chicken, it was juicy and flavourful. So, I’m giving this round to KFC for its stability, an important factor for sandwiches often eaten in traffic. Hours later, I sat in a drive-through line on East Colonial and I chuckled. These days, Popeye’s is indefinitely out of chicken sandwiches, the victims of their own success. Though it seems KFC has not found itself a truly healthy, plant-based alternative, it is unlikely the addition of the Imposter Burger will cause the chain any harm. Personally, though, I’d pass on both, safely park my car at A La Cart in the Milk District, and blaze it up right at Chicken Fire. The sky isn’t falling; it’s just headed to Kentucky Fried Chicken® for these freshly breaded chicken tenders, served with pickles and mayo on an all-new sesame-seed bun. According to the nutrition calculator from KFC (select Limited Time Offer, then Chicken & Donuts), the sandwich isn't exactly the most nutritious meal on the block — but with two entire donuts, are you surprised? We had to get Popeyes Canada’s new Chicken Sandwich as it launched today to see how it compares for a better chicken sandwich. How many calories are in the KFC donut chicken sandwich? The sandwich is $5.99. For the Cheeto sandwich, KFC uses their “Extra Crispy” chicken filet which, to be honest, wasn’t that crispy? The news of the sandwich had yet to travel extensively on Tuesday morning. Nashville Hot. Rating: 8 out of 10. It tastes like all of the reasons everyone leaves you, eventually. My colleague, standing close enough to hear, laughed. “I love my job,” I muttered. KFC offers the Nashville Hot Chicken three ways: breast, drumstick & thigh, or boneless strips (3). The Chicken & Doughnuts sandwich consists of three things: A whole doughnut on the bottom, a whole doughnut on the top, and an extra-crispy fried chicken breast in the middle. The sandwich will be tested at restaurants in Orlando, Winter Park, Sanford, Kissimmee, Clermont, Mount Dora and Poinciana. This chicken and donutwich, of course, is a thing that should not be. It is a grease-soaked atrocity, a perversion of sandwich. $5 Fill Up. We bought three as soon as we found out they existed. But most importantly, starting Monday, the chain began serving a fried chicken sandwich that is alarming in its single-minded, lipid-swaddled simplicity. The Texture. And here comes chicken-giant KFC’s somewhat tardy response. KFC Chicken Littles are made with freshly-breaded tenders, pickles and mayo on a sweet bun. “Oh no,” said our cashier, proudly. It was distracting me like nothing had distracted me before.. By the time we got home, the batter wasn’t as crisp. People were seriously losing their minds. This week, about 40 KFC locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania received test shipments of KFC doughnuts. A chicken and doughnuts sandwich has respectable precedents in the world, of course. KFC, it turned out, was testing a new contender in the heated chicken sandwich wars here in town. You can add a side and a drink for $7.99. A release about the KFC sandwich touted its thick pickles. The sandwich contains 1100 calories and 65 grams of fat, as well as 1310 mg of sodium. You can also get the chicken and donuts separated (not a sandwich) for $5.99. It will cover your hands and your lips and possibly the tip of your nose. Some of you may remember the Chicken Little sandwich at KFC from the 80’s, a simple enough concept: bread, chicken, and mayo (strangly pickles appear in that promo image at … I cried in one of Orlando’s kitchens today. The KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich was pretty good. It has been weeks since the shade-filled rise and ignominious fall of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich, a fast-food battle waged mostly on Twitter against fellow chains Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s, and occasionally in slow-moving Popeye’s drive-throughs. KFC recently announced that it added Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts to its menus through March 16th (or for as long as supplies last).. With less than a month to order KFC’s world-famous Extra Crispy fried chicken with warm, fresh, glazed-to-order donuts, we didn’t waste any time sending Stetson out to give it a shot. EDITOR’S NOTE: KFC has announced it’s rolling out this sandwich nationwide. KFC Crispy Colonel Sandwich review. Pros: Thick, hearty, simple and tasty chicken filet. These doughnuts can be bought singly for a dollar, sure. It tastes like doughnut with an inch-thick accent of celery-salted chicken. 11 herbs and spices make the Grilled chicken and Original Recipe both share that typical KFC flavor. Thanks KFC. The tomato was tart, the lettuce … I opted for the 2 piece drumstick and thigh meal ($5.49) mainly because I wanted to get bone in, multiple pieces to examine, and I love dark meat. The KFC Chicken and Donut Sandwich is priced between $5.49 and $7.49. The chicken part of it was huge and as usual, finger licking good! The KFC Chicken Sandwich à la carte costs $3.99, and a combo with a side and medium drink is $6.99. It is even, perhaps, a form of violence. A little too salty for my tastes and when combined with bacon just adds to the sodium-laden sandwich.I liked the departure from a boring/typical cheese choice with the inclusion of a combination of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese. Eaten once, and only once in your life, the sandwich offers all the novelty and pre-evolutionary pleasures of a fried Twinkie or Oreo at the state fair. Indeed, one of the main hallmarks of this sandwich is its heaviness. These little chicken sandwiches are the new big. [KFC’s new fried chicken and doughnut sandwich is terrifying and delicious] Nashville chicken, of course, is a style popularized in the Tennessee city that has … This round was harder. Sign up for the Food & Drink newsletter at I don't think the folks at this store got the memo. You really want to know???? All the accoutrements were great. About that sauce, KFC uses an oil of similar viscosity to drench its Georgia Gold, Nashville Hot, and Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chickens. Three colleagues in our newsroom ate the Chicken & Donuts sandwich side by side, and the first response uttered was a colleague’s deep and seemingly involuntary “mmmmmmmm,” which escaped before actual language returned. Choose your favorite KFC chicken sandwich: the Doublicious and Chicken Littles are both made with the Colonel’s chicken you’ve grown to love. The positive reception and lack of animal products will likely draw many new customers. Right there, in front of my eyeballs on the big screen television I was witnessing something very magical happening: It was the new KFC donut fried chicken sandwich being constructed and I knew then I had to have it. “They’re so good!” said our cashier at the Monticello Avenue KFC in Norfolk, when we rolled in for our dose right when the doors opened. But I was thinking the exact same thing. The Nashville Hot wings from KFC aren’t overwhelmingly spicy, but are completely … Ordered the donut chicken sandwich as a combo meal with mashed potatoes as my side with the orange thunder Mt. Review: KFC - Crispy Colonel Sandwich. I had written up the phenomenon months ago, … KFC's Crispy Colonel sandwiches I love hamburgers, but I love chicken even more—so chicken sandwiches are an important staple in fast food for me. Unless you’ve been buried under several hundred rocks for the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly seen the fried chicken sandwich wars gathering pace. The only complaint was the batter around the chicken. We love reviewing the latest viral restaurant trends for you! So how is it? KFC tests new chicken sandwich in Orlando: ‘Ours wasn’t the one to beat’. The 20% larger piece of chicken is combined with “double-breaded, Extra Crispy chicken filet on a new buttery brioche bun, to the crispier, thicker pickles, and the perfect amount of the Colonel’s real mayo, now in classic or spicy.” Our KFC location was conspicuously empty at 10:30 a.m., especially compared to the 10-deep drive-through two doors down at the Chick-fil-A. FLAVOR: It tasted reheated too. Want more foodie news? KFC has begun testing a new, premium chicken sandwich in Orlando, Florida. But I meant it. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Topics: #Fast Food Culture , #Food Tags: Fast Food Culture , FOOD , FOOD REVIEWS , KFC KFC, it turned out, was testing a new contender in the heated chicken sandwich wars here in town. Popeyes’ pickles blew KFC’s out of the water (interesting, because KFC made a point to tout the thickness of its pickle slices), but it also began to disintegrate less than halfway through. Conclusion. It also tastes pretty good. Well, KFC is attempting to revive some of the glory days with the re-introduction of their beloved slider style fried chicken sandwich. It had more kick. “I need to stop eating this,” said another colleague, before taking yet another bite. The Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich features a buttermilk marinated chicken fillet that’s triple breaded in the brand’s Extra Crispy seasoning, drizzled with buttery garlic oil, topped with 3 sweet chunky pickles, and double the creamy mayo on a lightly toasted potato bun. I do love my job. Popeyes. But the Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich, the fast food favorite’s latest creation, is its most gluttonous offering since the Double Down. Meet the Chicken & Donuts sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken. She’s now going to jail. You can feel its chicken-doughnut heft as both a threat and a promise: This sandwich is going to hurt you. “I’m going to take one home when I get off shift.”. Here are the KFC locations in Virginia selling the Chicken & Donuts sandwich, starting with locations in Hampton Roads: The Chicken and Donuts sandwich, seen mid-meal at The Virginian-Pilot offices in Norfolk. KFC is testing its new sandwich offering at t 15 Central Florida restaurants. The combination of an extra crispy fillet wedged between two rings of glazed, yeasty indulgence is essentially a middle chicken finger to the keto / paleo / Whole30 movement. It tastes like all of the reasons everyone leaves you, eventually. A Spicy version is also available. The usual, greased-chalk texture of KFC chicken is here subsumed into the greater and more powerful grease of the doughnuts, which are quite decent glazed doughnuts of the Krispy Kreme school. The KFC Chicken & Donuts sandwich tastes like guilt, and regret, and sadness. Each sandwich is delivered with a wet nap alongside the customary napkins, and this will clean your hands. Taste: 8.00/10. The chicken is fine too — the tenders that make up the sandwich are extra crispy and hold up to the sweetness of the doughnuts while staying crunchy. KFC's Chicken & Donut Sandwich features two warm glazed donuts sandwiching an Extra Crispy fried chicken filet. Want to reach out? And when you are done eating, the glaze and grease of the doughnuts will remain in your throat. Or they can simply come alongside a bucket of chicken for a fresh layer of sugary fat to go with your savory fats. I think that's what the name of the Mt. 1100 calories. Eating this sandwich allows you to understand what the duck in turducken feels like: stuffed with chicken, while being devoured by something much larger than yourself. The fast-food chain, which has chicken in its name, has surprisingly found … July 8, 2020 by Stuart. It's available for $3.99 or in a $5 Fill Up meal along with a side, cookie, and fountain drink. Here’s our review from September. Purchased Price: $3.99. 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But they still taste like Krispy Kremes. Were they Krispy Kreme, we asked, like the doughnuts in the Krispy Kreme Double Down sandwich the chain debuted in 2010? KFC's Crispy Colonel Sandwich features an Extra Crispy fried chicken filet, pickles, and mayo on a plain toasted bun. It was greasier and crunchier. Following June protests, new owners of Portsmouth Chick-fil-A aim to restore with good food, goodwill, Virginia Beach developer Bruce Thompson permanently closes section of Atlantic Avenue. It may not be at the level of Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Sandwich, but it’s a worthy alternative. The combination is a decadent staple in certain circles — perhaps most prominently at Federal Donuts in Philadelphia, helmed by acclaimed chef Michael Solomonov of Israeli spot Zahav. November 7, 2020. But it will not cure the oozy coating in your gullet, or the lingering feeling that you have done something very wrong to yourself. But it has merits. Dew. I had written up the phenomenon months ago, when Chik-fil-A and Popeyes (and the chains’ many fans) were on full social-media blast, when the sandwiches were selling out all over the country. Video Review: Trying the Vegan KFC Chicken Sandwich. Back then, I’d chosen Popeyes spicy chicken as my preferred. “These are KFC.”. The mayonnaise and pickles really compliment it very well. It's no secret that Popeyes has quite the fan base, so we were excited to put this chain to … It’s a steroidal take on chicken and waffles. Size: N/A. It tastes, in fact, like you just shoved two piping-hot doughnuts into your mouth — which you did, you filthy animal.

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