Building Your Brand
Engage Magazine Winter 2023

Building Your Brand to Endear and Endure

By Cheryl P. Musial, RN, BSN, and co-owner, Chief Strategy Officer, Mopdog Creative + Strategy An organization’s brand is more than a logo, tagline or a new website. It encompasses the reputation, perception and emotional connections your organization has built. A brand helps a company to stand out from its competitors and be easily recognized Read More…

Engage Magazine Winter 2023

LeadingAge California Excited to Announce Launch of GARDEN Project CMP Grant

By Lindsay Fowks, Grant Manager, and Amanda Davidson, Director of CMP Grants, LeadingAge California In partnership with Eldergrow’s therapeutic horticulture program, LeadingAge California strives to improve the lives of residents living in skilled nursing facilities through the GARDEN Project.  The California Department of Public Health has awarded a civil monetary penalties (CMP) grant of $3.9 million to Read More…

Telling Our Story
Engage Magazine Winter 2023

Telling Our Story: Aging Services Providers Who Get Real, Get Results

By Susan Donley, Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing, LeadingAge Have you ever seen an ad featuring a 90-year-old leaping from an airplane and deploying his parachute with a smile? How about a serene silver-haired modern yogi standing in her perfect tree pose atop a mountain? Images like these are all too often used to Read More…

Onward and Upward
Engage Magazine Winter 2023

Onward and Upward: Four Lessons Learned on the Journey to Organizational Growth

By Laurence C. Gumina, CEO, Ohio Living Some of the most successful deals are the ones I never did. I believe growth is a journey, not a race; there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Reflecting on 30+ years of leadership within the senior living space, I can recount four core lessons that continue to shape my Read More…

Advancing Equity through CA Master Plan for Aging
Engage Magazine Winter 2023

Advancing Equity through the California Master Plan for Aging

Q&A with the California Department of Aging’s First Chief Equity Officer, Marina Castillo-Augusto Marina Castillo-Augusto joined the California Department of Aging (CDA) in December 2022 as its first Chief Equity Officer. In this role, Castillo-Augusto works with stakeholders and advises CDA executive management in the formulation, implementation, and administration of policies to advance equity as Read More…