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Engage Magazine Fall 2020 General Interest

Diversified Growth Strategies for CEOs of Long-Term Care Communities

By Amy Runge and Karl Rebay, PartnersMoss Adams Health Care Practice  As 2020 comes to a close, now is an opportune time for long-term care CEOs to reflect on organizational goals and establish priorities for the coming year and beyond. While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges and operational disruptions, many organizations have proven Read More…

Integrated In Home Care
Affordable Senior Housing Engage Magazine Fall 2020 General Interest

Beyond IWISH – Applying a Systems Change Approach to Integrating Care at Home

by Meghan Rose, Esq.; Christina Green, MBA, MPH; Nancy Rockett Eldridge, MA; and Ayako Utsumi, MPH One of the core principles of the Housing Recommendations in the Master Plan for Aging acknowledges that housing is an integral part of California’s continuum of care. Without housing, it becomes exceedingly difficult to provide older adults and people Read More…

Avoiding Burnout
Engage Magazine Fall 2020 General Interest Technology Wellness

4 Ways to Reduce Burnout — Can technology really help you unplug?

by Lola Rain, Contributor Recently my San Francisco State intern asked to learn about a topic very dear to my heart: How can senior living leaders help reduce employee burnout? There are a few ways to evaluate this question: Employee Benefits Company Culture Work / Life Balance Technology EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Many companies offer an array Read More…

Millennial Caregivers
Engage Magazine Fall 2020 General Interest Hospice & Home Care

Millennials: The Emerging Generation of Caregivers

by Dr. Kathleen Weissberg, MS, OTD, OTR/L, CMDCP, CDP For years, the role of caregiver in long-term care was primarily filled by middle-aged or elderly individuals caring for aging parents or spouses. Caregiver demographics are changing and today, many Millennials are taking on complex caregiving roles. Millennial caregivers represent a unique caregiver profile, very different Read More…

Data Analytics
Engage Magazine Fall 2020 General Interest Technology

What’s Data Analytics and Why the Buzz?

by Scott Code, Senior Director, LeadingAge CAST In the last 10 years, senior living providers have gone from primarily capturing handwritten notes about their residents and other information to digitalizing information across their organization. Now the majority of senior living providers have a robust EHR system and a marketing tool to track leads and referrals across Read More…