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Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order for Aging Master Plan

Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-14-19 on June 10 directing his Secretary of Health and Human Services Agency convene a Cabinet-level Workgroup for Aging to advise on the development of a Master Plan on Aging.

The ten-year plan would focus on key data indicators and include recommendations to better leverage federal, state and local resources. The order also calls for the convening of a Master Plan for Aging Stakeholder Advisory Committee, which would include a Research Subcommittee and a Long-Term Care Subcommittee.

“California is getting older. Governor Newsom is right in taking a holistic approach to ensure older adults age with dignity through proper housing, care and services. I applaud his leadership and look forward to partnering with the administration on building California’s Master Plan for Aging.” – Jeannee Parker Martin, President & CEO, LeadingAge CA

The Long-Term Care Subcommittee would, by March 2020, report on four key areas:

  1. The growth and sustainability of state long-term care programs and infrastructure, including In-Home Supportive Services.
  2. An examination of access to long-term care, financing for long-term care services and the quality of long-term care provided in a variety of settings.
  3. An examination of the impact of program instability and other factors on labor supply and retention of the workforce providing long-term care services and supports.
  4. Recommendations to stabilize long-term care services, including IHSS, as a foundation or implementing the Master Plan.

The final plan is due to be developed by October 1, 2020 and will “serve as a blueprint for state government, local government, private sector and philanthropy to implement strategies and partnerships that promote health aging and prepare the state for the coming demographic changes.”