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3 Easy Ways to Raise Awareness About Age On. Rage On!

Your elected state representatives write, vote on and shape public policy at the State Capitol, and they depend not only on input from experts, but also from the valuable experiences and concerns of their constituents – You! If you’re ready to help Californians Age On. Rage On., here are 3 easy ways to raise awareness about our campaign by engaging your elected representatives.

Follow Your Legislator on Social Media!

Knowing the work legislators are doing on your behalf is the first opportunity for engagement. If you’ve already taken the pledge on Age On. Rage On. website, following your officials on social media will increase the impact of our campaign as we ask their help in addressing the issues affecting California’s aging population.

To get started, know who your officials are. If you’re not already sure, simply check the “Find Your Rep,” page at and enter your information. Your Assemblymember and Senator will be listed. Next, click on each of their names and you’ll be directed to their respective websites, where they post videos, photos, updates and list their social media accounts! Pressing “Follow” is easy, and so is the next part: sending a friendly, straight-forward message to raise awareness about Age On Rage On.

Share the Age On. Rage On. Campaign with Your Legislators

It has never been easier to effectively reach your legislators and have them become aware of the issues you care about. You can raise the visibility of the issues affecting California’s aging population by seamlessly sending an e-mail and posting to your social media accounts. Click this link, follow the prompts, and you’ll be an even stronger champion for Amazing Aging! Even if you don’t get a response, comment, like, or re-share, your officials are still reading their messages! 

Visit Your Officials’ District Offices

During the summer and winter recess for the legislative session, your reps will be back in their home district, and you can pay their office a visit to talk about our campaign, drop off a flyer and share your story about aging in California. To find your legislators’ closest district office, refer to their official websites and note the address of their district office (often located at the bottom of their site). If you plan on dropping by, give the office a call to make sure they’ll be open. Click here for a printable flyer of our Age On. Rage On campaign that you can drop off at the office!