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Humble Sky: Exploring the Big Questions

How far does space really go? Author Stuart Greenbaum delves into the mysteries of the universe in “Humble Sky,” a unique novella told through the eyes of a curious young boy and an elderly man living with dementia.

As founder and president of Greenbaum Public Relations (and former Director of Director of Public Relations for LeadingAge California), Greenbaum says experiences throughout his 35+ year career helped shape the direction of the novel. “Directing public outreach initiatives for healthy longevity, intergenerational relations, science and math education, and bullying prevention, among others, definitely helped inform the realistic and fictional aspects of the storyline,” he said.

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News wrote in an August 6th review: “Many PR professionals strive to captivate with verbal patter, much of which rings hollow. Greenbaum, however, breaks into a whole new plain of warm discourse that keeps the reader wondering where [the character’s] mind is going to take us next.” Read the full review.

Greenbaum says his next novel is already in the works. Copies of “Humble Sky” can be purchased at