The Impact of Cultural Competency
Engage Magazine Summer 2022

The Impact of Cultural Competency on Healthy Aging

By Joshua T. Smith, Ph.Dc, Director of DEI, LeadingAge California Despite the modern advancements that endeavor to simplify human existence, human identity remains a complex, multifaceted discovery. The intersections of heritage, sex, gender, race, religion, ability, etc., will provide profound insights into how humankind has developed and its trends toward the future. Diversity, Equity, and Read More…

Global Aging
Engage Magazine Summer 2022

Global Aging: A Conversation with AARP International

While many are familiar with AARP’s work in their communities and across the United States, some may be surprised to learn that AARP has a robust international presence. We chatted with Dr. Vijeth Iyengar – AARP’s Director of Global Aging – on issues around global aging.  Tell us about the primary goals of AARP International. Read More…

Tools to Optimize Quality Dementia Care
Engage Magazine Summer 2022

Tools to Optimize Quality Dementia Care: Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation for Residents with Dementia Care

By Kathleen Weissberg, National Director of Education, Select Rehabilitation During normal times, individuals with dementia are among the most vulnerable persons in society. The pandemic further exacerbated their vulnerability, due to the direct physical effects of COVID-19 and indirect effects on social supports upon which they depend. For those with dementia, social connection means everything; Read More…

voice recognition
Engage Magazine Summer 2022

Senior Living Providers Turning to Alexa to Enhance Well-Being and Connectedness

by Therese Ten-Brinke, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Eskaton Voice-first technology is disrupting the way residents access services and information within senior living.  Senior living operators are using Alexa devices for functions ranging from calling their family to asking for the daily events and menu. Since 2018, Eskaton has deployed 1,000 Echo Dot devices and earlier Read More…

The SAGE Study
Engage Magazine Summer 2022

The SAGE Study: Measures of Successful Aging

In today’s society, aging is often seen as synonymous with decline. “Most definitions of aging equate it with getting worse,” says geriatric neuropsychiatrist Dr. Dilip Jeste. “I wondered if that was necessarily true.” While many studies focus on the diseases of aging, as Director of the Stein Institute at UC San Diego, Jeste wanted to explore Read More…