Assisted Living Life Plan/CCRC

DSS Releases Draft Uniform Assessment Tool

The Department of Social Services has released a draft uniform assessment tool for comment by stakeholder with responses due by May 31, 2019. The Uniform Assessment Tool is being developed to implement Health and Safety Code (HSC) section 1562.62(c)(1) which states:

“The department shall develop a uniform resident assessment tool to be used by all residential care facilities for the elderly. The assessment tool shall, in lay terms, help to identify resident needs for service and assistance with activities of daily living.”

The creation of this tool was identified as a priority by stakeholders in 2017. The Department will be incorporating this tool in regulations with accompanying regulatory language to require its use in RCFEs.

Major areas addressed in the tool include:

  • Section One: Basic Information
  • Section Two: Assessment Information
  • Section Three: Medical History and Conditions
  • Section Four: Diet
  • Section Five: Social/Family History
  • Section Six: Finances
  • Section Seven: Activities of Daily Living and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • Section Eight: Behavioral/Cognitive Abilities
  • Section Nine: Fall Risk
  • Section Ten: Signatures

The tool is currently being reviewed by LeadingAge California policy staff and relevant committees. If you have thoughts on the tool or comments, please contact Jedd Hampton, Director of Public Policy or Eric Dowdy, COO.