Nursing Homes

Few SNFs Submit Staffing Waivers in First Year Analysis

by Brenda Klutz, Senior Policy Advisor

A total of 584 facilities submitted staffing waiver requests for the first-year implementation of this new process.  These waiver requests covered July 1, 2018 through June 30th of 2019. 

  • 344 facilities submitted workforce shortage waiver requests; 115 of those requests were approved [33%].
  • 390 facilities submitted patient needs waiver requests; 243 of those requests were approved [62%].
  • LeadingAge California member communities submitted 11 patient needs waiver requests and 2 workforce shortage waiver requests.
  • Waiver requests submitted by 13 LeadingAge California member communities faired much better, with 75% of waiver requests submitted being approved.

Those waiver requests approved for 2018-19 were required to renew their requests to continue into the second year.  The second-year waiver requests were due April 15, 2019 to be in effect July 1, 2019.  Keep in mind that CDPH has set a waiver time limit of no more than two consecutive years.

Assuming the California Department of Public Health posts a list of waiver requests and waiver approvals shortly after July 1, 2019, LeadingAge California will promptly review the results.  In addition, we are requesting sample copies of requests and approval letters so that we can share best practices (and what to avoid) well before the waiver submissions are due for 2020-21.

For any questions, please contact Brenda Klutz,LeadingAge California’s Senior Policy Advisor.