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Engage Magazine Spring/Summer 2021

How to turn your community’s anniversary into a rebirth

by Don Warfield, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 3rdThird Marketing

As LeadingAge California celebrates 60, it’s the perfect occasion to discuss how nonprofit and Life Plan communities can leverage their own milestones for PR and prospecting.

Don WarfieldAs a mission-driven company, 3rdThird Marketing loves nonprofit communities that are truly invested in the wellbeing of elders. Our mission is to help them improve at every level, including operations, culinary, sales coaching, branding, lead generation, programming, marketing and staffing. It boils down to this: “We make communities better, so they can make the experience of aging better for elders.”

Here are five key insights to consider for your anniversary or milestone:

1.     Change is good. Your anniversary is the perfect time to retool your organization and get it ready for what’s next with new programming, amenities and features that resonate with the new market.

2.     Embrace your nonprofit status. Nonprofit communities offer an excellent value proposition compared to for-profit communities Plus, there are fewer of them. 

3.     Do a SWOT analysis. Every community has blind spots to their true strengths, opportunities and weaknesses. Prepping for an anniversary is an excellent time to bring on a branding agency to help you!

4.     Lifestyle matters more than care. The question prospects ask themselves is, “Could I see myself living here?” Make sure your anniversary message focuses on lifestyle, instead of years of caring. 

5. Anniversaries are newsworthy. You can generate free publicity via your anniversary by playing up your vision of the future and what’s coming next. Don’t be boring!

We’d love to discuss how to make your anniversary a rebirth. Visit to learn more.