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New Technologies Support Quality Care During Staffing Challenges

A new survey from the American Health Care Association reports that nearly three-fourths of nursing homes are facing staffing shortages, and 73% are facing staffing issues that could force them to close. How do you ensure the safety and wellness of residents amid these staffing shortage?

Bed exits by care home residents affected by cognitive impairment is a significant issue because of the risk of falls or wandering which can lead to injury. A common practice in nursing homes includes hourly checks on residents to make sure residents are safe; this takes valuable time away from other clinical activities at night, and can disturb the sleep of the residents. There is an urgent need to enable more efficient and proactive ways of providing care, while reducing costs.

Current market solutions include a bed pad alarm or floor mat that alerts staff when residents get off the be. A new innovative product was developed by Tochtech, a Canadian company. Toch Sleepsense™ is a groundbreaking non-contact, non-wearable sleep tracker. Placed under one leg/wheel of the bed for each resident, Toch Sleepsense™ automatically tracks the resident’s sleep patterns, detecting the risk situation and resident’s call for help.

The Sleepsense Dashboard provides continuous monitoring to augment the in-person checks and the data and reports help staff to adjust care plans and monitor increasing interventions. Studies have shown the quantity and quality of sleep is closely linked to health.

It is truly amazing how much data we can access while not impeding our seniors that can contribute to the care of our residents and assist our staff in monitoring those residents who may require additional assistance. Sleepsense helps us to ensure resources are utilized in the most efficient and effective manner in relation to sleep and safety.”  — Lisa Samms-Maxwell, Director of Care, Langley Lodge, BC Canada.    

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