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Take the Age On. Rage On. Challenge!

WHAT: Remember the ice-bucket challenge? We want Age On. Rage On. to become ‘all the rage’ and go viral on social media. Do something fun, interesting, silly, over the top that will distinguish your group from all the others. Age On. Rage On!!! We want your messages to go viral, and your community to get recognition.

WHO: Your staff, your residents, your family members, your relatives, your friends.

WHEN: Organize a date at your community between September 1st and September 15th. This two-week period will be the Take the Age On. Rage On. Challenge!


  • Pick a date between September 1st and September 15th for all your communities to get involved. Continue to pick dates through 2019 and 2020 to Take the Challenge
  • Hand out “Age On. Rage On.” buttons to key ambassadors of your organization; if they are not local, have them make signs that say Age On. Rage On.  (If you’d like more buttons, let us know and we will ship to you.)
  • Encourage ambassadors to post a photo or video on their social media handles wearing the button (or sign) with a caption that explains why they support the Age On. Rage On. campaign and #AmazingAging.

    Suggested content can include:
  • “I wear my @AgeOnRageOn button because all Californians deserve to age with dignity”
  • “I am proud to support #AmazingAging and @AgeOnRageOn because [describe passion for working in the industry]”
  • “I am proud to support @AgeOnRageOn because all older adults deserve to age with dignity, housing, and care if needed.”
  • Tag LeadingAge California (Instagram: @leadingageca; Facebook: @LeadingAgeCalifornia and Twitter: @LeadingAgeCA)
  • Tag the Age On. Rage On. campaign (Instagram: @ageonrageon; Facebook: @AgeOnRageOn and Twitter: @AgeOnRageOn) in their posts; and
  • Use the following hashtags: #AgeOnRageOn #AmazingAging #StandWithSeniors #MasterPlan4Aging
  • Make it a community event!

    Age On. Rage On. Thanks YOU!