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2019 Compensation Survey Launched

We are excited to launch the 2019 LeadingAge California Compensation survey! Because of our partnership with NRC Health we are able to continue to offer the survey results for FREE to members who participate in data collection. In order to receive the report at no cost, you MUST submit data during the data collection process.

Please refer to the instructions for important information before you complete the survey. If you are not the person in your organization responsible for completing this survey please forward these instructions and the survey link to the appropriate team member.

Click here to participate.

If you are filling out a survey for more than one community do not use the same survey link. You must use the survey link/email that includes the name of the community for which the data is requested. If someone else received the email they may forward it for completion. If you attempt to use a survey link more than once, it will not accept your data.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact with “CA Wage Survey” in the subject line to ensure the speediest response. 

Contact: Melanie Ripley, Director of Membership, (916) 469-3392