A Message of Hope
Engage Magazine General Interest Summer 2020

A Message of Hope


As I write this, the world continues to experience difficult times. The coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life. Please know that we are praying multiple times throughout the day for an end to this pandemic, and for your safety and the protection of everyone. As Little Sisters of the Poor, we are exactly where we should be – with our elderly residents, caring for them and doing the utmost to keep them safe and happy. We have had to strictly limit access to our Home, but we are striving to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere. Without our volunteers, we are wearing many hats, but nothing compares to the men and women working on the frontlines working tirelessly day and night to keep patients alive.

We pray for the whole world; especially the frontline workers. We have been working side by side with our dedicated staff and inviting them to pray with us each day for our Heavenly Father’s protection for our Home, their families and the whole world. As difficult as these days have been, we feel a prayerful unity. We are so appreciative of the support we have received throughout this coronavirus crisis. The outpouring of love, prayers and donations of much needed items and supplies has been such a blessing in this difficult time.

Kindness and generosity have assisted us to keep our residents safe and healthy. Our tradition is to live from donation to donation and to beg daily in markets and other places of business to provide for the needs of the aged poor. 

We pray daily in gratitude for every kindness! In the meantime, I hope and pray that things are not difficult for you.

May God bless our world and each of you with patience, healing and strength.