LeadingAge California looks toward the future
Engage Magazine Spring/Summer 2021

The 60-60 Tour: A Guidepost for Our Future

by Jeannee Parker Martin, president and CEO, LeadingAge California

The 60-60 Tour was the most inspirational experience I’ve had in many years. The tour was imagined as an opportunity to visit 60 organizations over a 60-day period to celebrate our 60th Anniversary. We did better than that – we interviewed more than 150 residents, administrators, and celebrities over a 60-day period to celebrate your organizations, hear life stories, and learn about living in congregate and home-based settings across California. 

People like Ruby, Green, Chia-Liang, Jacqueline, Ben, True, Tom, Sima, Larry, Katie, Nelson and Yvonne, and so many more shared their stories.

Jeannee Parker MartinResidents shared stories of the challenges of the past year, of their decisions to move into a congregate setting, and for a few, their stories of being lifted up by the life-changing moment when they could move out of homelessness and into affordable housing. Administrators shared their vision of the next 10 years and their hopes for innovations and development in their communities. Celebrities brought tears and laughter to our conversations and their hopes to find a senior living community like those of the residents included in their virtual visit. Each story made a difference.

So why a 60-60 Tour now? Understanding our past is a way of preparing for our future. What drove residents to consider senior living? What drove staff to work in home health? What considerations do consumers have moving forward? What will the next 10 years look like? The 60-60 Tour did all of that. We walked back in time to a community built in the 1960s, now considering what master plan they will need for 2060. We talked to a resident whose wife was in a skilled nursing facility and looked forward to what life might bring him over the next decade. We talked with gay couples moving into a community and being welcomed, and we talked with administrators striving to address equity, diversity and inclusion amongst all residents and staff.

These 150+ interviews will serve as a guidepost for our future. They will help inform the best of our past, the challenges of the current, and adaptation of innovations in our future. We imagine what housing, care and services should be, but through these many eyes have a new lens – a fresh lens – to consider the future. 

Visit our YouTube channel to watch – we hope you enjoy the 60-60 Tour as much as we did.

A special thanks to iN2L and Salt Box Productions for sponsoring the LeadingAge California 60-60 Tour.