mobility issues for seniors
Engage Magazine Fall 2021

Empowering Seniors with Mobility Issues

By Jacquay Davis, CEO, JIB and Associates, INC. Get Up and Go 

I come from a very large and diverse Christian family. We were robust and loved life. However, as we aged, I saw senior family members who began to have a need for assistance, and I saw the need for medical equipment that could help with those daily functions. I also saw co-workers experience stress due to concerns for their elderly parents or loved one’s inability to access the resources they needed to continue their quality of life; that’s what inspired me to start JIB and Associates, Inc. 

Mobility can easily be the number one concern as we age. My company offers the ActiveCare Bed by Med-Mizer to solve the issue of so many people who are unable to get out of bed without assistance. The ActiveCare Bed is unique because it has a built-in stand assist feature that gives seniors with mobility issues the ability to get in and out of bed safely while also reducing the strain on caregivers, as the bed does all the heavy lifting and adjustments.  

There are limitless opportunities to provide older adults with meaningful experiences and enrich their lives in senior living communities. There is also a lot of innovative technology that allow older adults to live happier, healthier lives and improve their overall well-being. However, there is still a stigma attached to the term “nursing home.” Senior living communities are changing that perception today by streamlining quality care services, offering rich amenities, programs, and activities with a hospitality setting. Aging does not mean learning stops, or fulfillment ends, and it definitely does not mean that having fun is in the past. Making new connections, feeling empowered and exploring new interests and talents at an older age can be magical for anyone. I want to raise awareness of new technologies and devices that can change the way we age, the way we view aging, and that will have a positive effect on the quality of life, even when transitioning to the end of life. 

As a Black man, I understand the unique challenges of the everyday struggle for inclusion and equity. I believe I have a unique understanding of the difficulties faced by people of color, as well as the portion of our population who are unable to access the same level of healthcare or treatment as everyone else. It is necessary that we begin as a nation to break down barriers and dismantle historically bad policies. I’m the first business owner in my family and I have faith that as we enter into dialogues around equity and equality, doors will open for all minorities looking to go into business for themselves in this vastly growing field.  

Working in the health/home care industry provides a real opportunity to build a pathway to a better line of trust between minority-owned businesses and the community at large. People of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and financial circumstances need medical equipment. However, we know equality does not necessarily mean equity, as services are not distributed equally across all populations. The goals of our company are to not only to address those inequities, and provide quality service, but also to make recommendations for resources and assistance our clients may not be aware of otherwise. I’m proud and honored to be invited into the LeadingAge California community of members, and I thank you for opportunity to serve your bed and air filtration needs.  

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