Celebrating Our Workforce Starts With Well-Prepared Students
Engage Magazine Spring 2022

Celebrating Our Workforce Starts with Well-Prepared Students

By Karilyn Van Oosten, Vice President, Strategic Business Development, Unitek Learning I am the Vice President of Strategic Business Development for Unitek Learning. I have been working in the healthcare education industry for over 20 years, and in that time, I’ve built multiple customized programs for both healthcare systems and higher education institutions. These types Read More…

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Engage Magazine Spring 2022

The Gateway-In Project ©

LeadingAge California’s Workforce Expansion Initiative by Jeannee Parker Martin, President and CEO, LeadingAge California While we have known for decades there was a workforce crisis looming, COVID-19 exposed the frailties of our preparation for this crisis. LeadingAge California has taken a major step forward to help address and solve this critical problem. In 2021, we Read More…

Voices from Skilled Nursing
Engage Magazine Spring 2022

This Is Where I’m Meant to Be: Conversations with Skilled Nursing Staff

By Amanda Davidson, Grant Manager, LeadingAge California I’m at Regents Point – Windcrest, seated outside at a wrought iron patio table. I’m waiting while Administrator Lananh Huyen ducks back inside through a sliding glass door to gather a handful of staff members to join our conversation. I’ve been looking forward to today. I’m visiting three Read More…

Celebrating the Workforce
Engage Magazine Spring 2022

Careers in Aging: Advancing Workforce Solutions for a New Era

Interview with Jenna Kellerman, Director of Workforce Strategy & Development, LeadingAge Tell us about your new role at LeadingAge and what you’re excited to work on this year. I’ve been in the role exactly one month! So, I’m still getting into things. I’ve been learning how workforce is embedded in every department of LeadingAge – Read More…